100 Episodes #Arrow

For those who don’t know me, I am a HUGE fan of DC Comics.. Like seriously, the addiction is huge!

So, Arrow made its 100th episode!
And, we all saw the pictures on Instagram 🙂
I loved Colton’s outfit 🙂

Arrow, 100th Episode Party


They all looked great!
But, where’s Barry? 😛

Let’s talk about the Crossover!!!!


I have been waiting for the crossover since I watched the episode at Comic Con.
And, now when it’s finally here!

4-days Crossover ~ Awesome! 

Putting Arrow, Flash, Legends & Supergirl together was a mindblowing idea _

  • Supergirl

The suspense of showing the breach in supergirl every now and then was cool.
I just wanted to see more of Barry on supergirl, but we got to see him & Cisco arriving at the very last minute.


But, it’s okay. It kept the suspense of why they went to see Kara.
With “To be continued on the Flash”

  • The Flash



I have been avoiding any type of leaks/spoiler on the crossovers.
So, aliens? That was a new one for me :p

Heroes vs Aliens

I always love to see Barry & Oliver together _

Barry teamed up everyone.

I just miss Snart on Legends.  Wentworth Miller was epic as Captain Cold, seeing him taking up a character completely from Michael Scofield was nice.
So, I miss him.


And, everyone got to know about how Barry screwed up the timeline…and affected some of their lives.
Oh, Barry…we all love you…

  • Arrow

I have to say ~ I loved the episode!
Of putting them in another life, a hallucination, then bringing familiar faces back for this specific episode.

We saw the Black Canary…


Making John the Green Arrow was unexpected… but, well played


The episode was perfect ~ how Oliver’s life would have been, with his parents alive, getting married to Laurel.

We caught a glimpse of Roy Harper..

City of Heroes

I liked the episode!

  • Legends of Tomorrow

Interesting revelation from the aliens showing that they are here because of Barry.
I didn’t see that coming.



Cisco to Felicity ~ “Haven’t you seen Stranger Things?” 

And, the moment Oliver was falling & Supergirl caught him 😛

The crossover ended well with Barry & Oliver having drinks together _




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Big Announcements!

I have some amazing announcements for my blog!
And, the fact that I love to celebrate & be grateful for the small things!

Yes, my blog is growing & I feel so happy about it!

Okay..First thing, IOS 10 is amazing! I’m sorry guys, I know a lot of people are hating it, but I just love it…And, the imessage features just never fail to amaze me.
And, Oliver Queen agrees with me, so 😛


Okay..Let’s be serious about my blog!

  • I am going to be featured on My Trending Stories!

My Trending Stories is a new website who prides itself on one specific value: giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression.

My Trending Stories seeks to inform readers about the latest news and events occurring globally and aims to be one of the biggest blogging websites on the world wide web. Their goal is to provide a platform to our writers to reach a broad audience as well as networking opportunities and establishing connections with other powerhouses in the industry.

This is huge for me that people are recognizing my writing skills and that my blog will be presented over a broader range of audience 🙂

We strongly believe that your writing aligns with our core value, and would love to have your content displayed so that it can reach an even broader audience.

You can follow me on My Trending stories too!



  • I got 100 likes on the blog! Yay!


isn’t that awesome? 😀

Okay- The Big thing now!

Iheartmylife is moving to the next level. I’m going to host Author interviews on my blog!


And, for my first interview – I’m going to have Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author in Love & Romance! It’s a surprise, so stay tuned if you are a Book Lover!

I will be also be participating in lots of Book Tours 🙂

So, if you’re an author – I would love to interview you!

Next – If you have been through my blog recently, you will see that I have implemented something new – The Featured Guest!


I am collaborating with people so that they can share their story, journey to you guys; my audience!

So, if you want to be a Featured Guest on my blog, please reach out to me! 
You know where to find me – Under the Collaboration Tab! 

I am very much excited, last year my blog wasn’t even moving, and now it is!

This is like a milestone to me 🙂
I am so very grateful and I love you guys!

Thank you so much for subscribing, for showing me your love <3
I wish you all Happiness!

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