I’m writing this from our tiny but, super cozy lodge on Reunion island. It’s our last day here and it feels like I’m leaving a second home.

buy accutane in usa We were in Reunion for only 5 days and yet, it feels like more than 10 days have gone by.

It feels like I lived 48 hours in one day.

Air Austral

We landed in this beautiful city ~ St Pierre, the Port Town and the third-largest commune in Reunion.

Saint Pierre was all lively with music & dance to celebrate “Fèt Kaf” to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Reunion.
We were lucky to be part of the celebrations on La Plage Alizés!

The local artisans showcased their handcrafts stuffs.

You cannot travel to Reunion and not see Piton de La Fournaise and Piton Des Neiges.

We started the road very early in the morning, at around 7:00 am. Our first stop was Belvedere of Bois Court.

Nez de Boeuf

As you go up, the temperature decreases – so, take a pullover with you! Carole was kind enough to lend me one of her jackets.

Ever walked on the moon? This is the feeling that you get when you reach “Plaines des Sables“.

The road which leads to Piton De la Fournaise
We were dumbfounded to find such a spectacular view in front of us and – it was so fucking cold!

Everyone’s choices differ. Some may love sand & sea, others shopping in big malls and then, there are those who find joy in the simple little things.
A lot of people told me not to travel to Reunion since it’s expensive!
Yes – if you’re going to Reunion for shopping and to enjoy food in the big restaurants – it’s definitely going to cost you some money!

But, if you are like me, who loves finding joy in the simplest thing and, to discover is your thing, then money won’t be an issue.


I had hot tea & cakes on “La Plaines des Sables” and, it costs me nothing.
I would have traded any big hotels/restaurants for this.

La Cratere Commerson

We drove all the way to contemplate the natural phenomena of Reunion ~ the lava flows that the island has ever witnessed. We even got a glimpse of the lava rock from the recent eruption in Nov 2019!

Cirque De Cilaos

Before traveling to Reunion, I read almost every article by travel bloggers. Some said that the 400 turns to reach Cilaos is exhausting and to think that I was going to strike Cilaos from my list!
I’m so happy I did not!

A long scenic route with forests, mountains, and greenery! Just what I love!

The view from La Roche Merveilleuse over Cilaos!

Cilaos is a Malagasy word, which means “country you don’t leave“.

This mountain village has its own unique charm surrounded by nature. We were at the foot of Piton des Neiges!

#DidYouKnow Cilaos is the only region in Reunion where they grow grapes!

We visited the South, Centre, East & West of Reunion island. There are so many pictures and so many stories to tell.
But, maybe for another day.

Reunion was full of warmth and nature vibes. The people welcomed us with open arms and treated us so well. It felt so familiar and like a second home.
I even lost track of time and days.

I’m going to leave you with Cascade Jacqueline. There were heavy rainfalls on that day and yet, we went to chase waterfalls in such bad weather. Please don’t behave like me.

Until next time ~ Reunion! Special thanks to the wonderful people that I met during my stay – Jean Yves, Carole, Jean-Louis and the peeps from the Le Caraco!

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