It takes a lot to wish love, kindness & happiness to the people who’ve hurt you. But, do it with a smile. There is no power in hate. Love is everything 🙌🏻

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10 Technical SEO Terms for Bloggers Explained


I’m going start this post by saying it’s a total pleasure to guest post for The Elysian Geek.  A big thank you for affording me this opportunity.  My usual shtick over at my humble virtual abode, is delivering content about blogging and social media tips.  I’d like to stick with this theme.  Today I will […]

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What is being strong?

self love

What is being strong? It’s okay to feel down. It’s normal to feel anxiety. It’s okay to feel sad. Because, even the strongest people do feel fear or stress at one point in their life. Afterall, we are still living in our human body & experiencing all types of emotions 😉 This post is for […]

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