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Author Interviews/ Book Promos

 CJ English (Author of Affairytale novel), Vanessa Morgan (Author and Screenwriter of Avalon; when animals attack) and Kin Tue-Fee (Author & Mentor) have been interviewed and hosted giveaways with us.

Featured Guest

Be the star of your life; let your story be known to the world. Meditation coaches and entrepreneurs have been our celebrity with us.

Guest Posting

We offer guest posting opportunities  to expand your audience reach. No specific topics, no restrictions. Just blog for us and, we will take care of the rest.


Have an awesome project in mind and need a collaboration? You’ve come at the right place! Shoot us an email & let us connect together.

Freelance & Content Writing 

We offer freelance writing services. We are creative elysians, bringing you innovative ideas about your articles.