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Author Interviews/ Book Promos

Β CJ English (Author of Affairytale novel), Vanessa Morgan (Author and Screenwriter of Avalon; when animals attack) and Kin Tue-Fee (Author & Mentor) have been interviewed and hosted giveaways with us.

Featured Guest

Be the star of your life; let your story be known to the world. Meditation coaches and entrepreneurs have been our celebrity with us.

Guest Posting

We offer guest posting opportunities Β to expand your audience reach. No specific topics, no restrictions. Just blog for us and, we will take care of the rest.


Have an awesome project in mind and need a collaboration? You’ve come at the right place! Shoot us an email & let us connect together.

Freelance & Content WritingΒ 

We offer freelance writing services. We are creative elysians, bringing you innovative ideas about your articles.