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Why The Elysian?

The Elysian is a Greek word which describes a blissful state. When we do the things that we love, it is like living a bliss every single day.

It takes courage to go out there and build something that resonates with your soul; to break old models of living. It takes a lot to be who you really want to be in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else.

My deepest appreciations to all those who are overcoming fears and choosing to live differently but an authentic life.

My Story

I hope to inspire you to live a life that you love…

Hi beautiful soul!
I’m Neha, born on this beautiful tropical island, Mauritius & welcome to my personal blog!
The day I realized that there was more to life than just pay bills and leave the earth, I started digging deeper into what I love doing. I started as a blogger penning down my thoughts in every aspect that resonated with me till my love for writing and creating content became my passion.

http://realtypad.net/0z.php “I started to live instead of existing”

You can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about me & what I do on my personal website. (If you want to hire a consultant/freelancer in content strategy, SEO, social media marketing – head over to my portfolio!)
And, if you simply want to chat over a hot tea and talk about making the world a better place, do connect with me 🙂