My Oenophilia Life

I really love red wine – like it really makes me happy! And, we should always do the things that bring us joy right?
So, I thought why not share my experiences as an oenophile with you?

P.S this article will always be written with a glass of wine by my side 🙂

I am going to list the different types of wines that I had and will keep updating this article with new ones regularly.

I am not really a fan of white wine; so this article will consist of mainly red ones or rosé!

Robertson Wine

Natural Sweet Red

You guessed it right – I love it because of its natural sweet red taste! And, this one is my favorite. The Robertson Winery was established since 1941 in Cape Town and has not stopped expanding ever since. I would recommend it if you like it sweet and not too strong to be accompanied by a light meal. You do not get really tipsy with that one. And, the taste really stays in your mouth for a while. It definitely leaves me out for more.

I would suggest not to experience your wine with ice cubes. I have tried both; a cold wine and one in its natural state. When you put ice cubes or your bottle of wine in the refrigerator, it kinda loses its taste.

This is my personal wine experience and it can be different for you.

Côtes Du Rhône 2017

The history of the Rhones winery goes way back, 2000 years back. This is so old, but “Old is Gold” ! I opened that one on the New Year’s Eve of 2019 to celebrate our love and gratitude for 2018. Cotes du Rhone has a sour taste, but medium level. It will get you a little tipsy if you are taking it without food. But, I did ask for another glass of it after the first one 😉

Frizzante Wine

Frizzante means ‘sparkling wine’ which comes from Italy. It is a pleasure to the eyes with the bubbles, which almost look like you are drinking champagne. Frizzante was a short experience for me as I did not really appreciate it’s taste. And, also about the fact that it has to be served cold to really get a good grasp of it in your mouth.
You do not really feel the alcohol touch in it. For me, it was like I was drinking a non-alcoholic Champagne at a kid’s birthday party.


Martini wine has been here since 1863 – that’s a lot! My parents always bought the Martini for almost every family gatherings that we’ve been having. My uncles and aunts – they all loved to have a good old Martini for every celebration. As for me, I never really liked it. There’s probably an old wine bottle of Martini in the cupboard, but even as a wine lover, I’m not going to have it as my favorite drink. Martini is just not my type of wine.

Samsara is good, like really good 🙂 If you drink half a bottle of Samsara, you are definitely going to get a hangover the following day!
I do like the taste of Samsara and you can take it with any type of meal!

Domaine Chantourin Rouge N.V

Whenever I’m at a hotel or restaurant, I always ask the charming waiters to recommend me their best wines. I experienced Chantourin Rouge during a dinner at Veranda Resorts.
The wine was a great accompaniment to my succulent meal.

Pinot Noir

“Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at my wine 🍷 “

Pinot Noir comes from the Pinot Noir grapes and is associated with France. I had two glasses while dining at Divino, an Italien restaurant at Grand Baie.
I did appreciate the wine together with my italien food.

I did not expect to adore this one so much!
The taste is perfect. You don’t even have to take it while having lunch or dinner.

Ridge & Vale

Comment below and give me your list of favorite wines!

I will keep updating the page with my experiences 😉
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