buy Lyrica online canada She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.

Annie Dillard

Woodridge You’ll find below those books who have had a great influence on my mind & my soul. I’ll keep updating the page 😉

“There are many reasons why these things happen. But I submit to you that one big reason is the tyranny of rules–rules that suggest we “should” do life in a particular way because everyone else seems to be doing it. But there’s a big difference between bending to life’s necessities and blindly accepting that you must live your life according to preconceived rules. One of the keys to being extraordinary is knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break. Outside the rules of physics and the rules of law, all other rules are open to questioning.”

“The most important gift we can give ourselves is the commitment to living our authentic life. To be true to ourselves, however, is not an easy task. We must break free of the seductions of society and live life on our own terms, under our own values and aligned with our original dreams. We must tap our hidden selves; explore the deep-seated, unseen hopes, desires, strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. We have to understand where we have been and know where we are going.”

“I had two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. Both men were successful in their careers, working hard all their lives. Both earned substantial incomes. Yet one struggled financially all his life. The other would become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, charities and his church. The other left bills to be paid. “

“Your message has the ability to change someone’s life. The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.
It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a company or more…
But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change.”

“You’re going to die one day. I know that’s kind of obvious, but I just wanted to remind you in case you’d forgotten. And in the short amount of time between here and there, you have a limited number of fucks to give. Very few, in fact. And if you go around giving a fuck about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice – well, then you’re going to get fucked.”