Let’s openly talk about mental health!

Mental health is still a taboo in some conservative cultures, families, and even among friends. And, I feel that we need to break that.

Let’s normalize mental health!

I am not afraid to say that I am a woman who has anxiety attacks sometimes. It took me a while to accept the fact that I have anxiety triggers and seriously, that’s http://rhythmsfitness.com/wp-content/admin.php OKAY.

It doesn’t make me less of a woman. It makes me human.

We are not born with low mental health. We get it based on our past experiences and it gets deep rooted in our minds.

I know how it feels when you’re having an anxiety attack and you can’t tell anyone about it. I’ve been there. I felt that I would be judged or they won’t understand what I’m going through… So, it’s better that I keep it to myself.

Why? Why can we talk about how we are feeling?

And, from what I’ve observed, it’s worst among some men. Society has made boys & men believe that they cannot cry, they shouldn’t share about their feelings or they should always appear tough & strong. Just because of what they have been taught for years, they go into depression quickly or it’s manifested through anger.

I’m working on creating a platform where people can talk about their mental health. It will be a safe place where you can all share anonymously and receive help and advice whenever you need them.

I feel that we all need to be educated about the different type of mental health issues that one can face.

Saying “ http://columbuscameragroup.com/2015/05/16/ be positive” or “ man up” doesn’t help anyone. What helps is being a good listener and being there for that person even if you don’t get why he/she is feeling that way.

Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak

Some peeps disagreed with me last time about my article “Being vulnerable is being strong“.

Opening up is the bravest thing anyone can do. It doesn’t make you weak. Pretending that you are strong when you’re really feeling alone inside or crying to bed, that’s sad. So, let people be there for you..

I’ll start sharing self care and self love tips about mental health on my #instagram. Follow me there –> https://www.instagram.com/theelysian.mu

Taking small steps daily can help improve your mental health. ?

If anyone of you is struggling right now, I am sending you all of my good energies ?

I’m happy to announce my collaboration with the Serenity movement to raise awareness of mental health. The Serenity Movement was started 2 years ago with the goal of raising awareness of the causes that require it the most, which you can see on our website. They do that by having a portion of our profits go to the respective organization which the product represents. For mental health, they have donated to NAMI (US), MINDS (UK), Beyond Blue (Australia), and many more to come as we are expanding. They also have polls at the end of each month to have the supporters help choose which organizations we should donate to.

If you want to contribute to the mental health community, use my special code below NEHA20 for 20% off our entire site and FREE shipping worldwide.
Link: https://www.theserenitymovement.com/discount/NEHA20

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