Coworking places have become famous for remote workers, freelancers, consultants, and business owners. For some few years, there has been a rise in coworking places in almost every country and Mauritius is one of them.
I’ve been working in coworking places around the island since I left my 9-5 job in 2020.

I have shared my 5 top tips on how to make remote working a success on Medium.

I’ll share the coworking places that I have been to and review them in this article and will keep on updating them 👇

Also, please note that those are based solely on my own experiences and that your experience could be different from mine. 🙂 I’ll categorize them by region so that it’s easier to read and locate those places if ever you want to stop by or co-work.


The Hive

I love working at The Hive Curepipe as it’s located in a very quiet and secluded place in the middle of the center. There’s a big garden in front where you can have a walk & get your ideas to flow 🍀 If you are hungry, you can either pop into the Market Restaurant & Deli or Indian food at Le Sapin D’or.

The Good shop is also close by if you want to donate your clothes or shop! 🛍

Chelsea’s Cup N Cake

Chelsea is perfect for mornings meetings and breakfast! Between 9 am till noon, the coffee shop is not crowded giving you the space to work effectively. I usually leave around lunchtime as the place gets busy and you can’t really work with all the noise. 🍰

Floreal The Coffee Shop

If I had to choose between working at SoFlo and the Coffee Shop, I would have chosen the latter. The place is so cozy and emits a positive vibe.

And, there are so many plants at the entrance & a bookshelf as well! ☕

Rio Branco do Sul Mame

When I think of Mame, plants, vegan dishes and greens come to my mind!
A cozy and quiet place where you can work and enjoy vegan meals as well. 🌱


There is no WiFi at Paul. If you have mobile data, you can easily work there. The staffs are very kind and will always make you feel comfortable 🙂


When I first started working as a freelancer, Illico was my first choice at SoFlo. The food was great, the staffs were very nice & friendly until I had a bad experience with them.

The owner or manager came one day and scolded their staff on why they have allowed me to bring in my laptop in the coffee shop. It was around lunchtime and I had ordered a drink; I was going to order a meal also in a bit.

One of the waitresses came up to me looking very embarrassed & kindly asked me to move. She told me that her boss was angry. I was asked to order my meal asap or leave the table. That was really uncomfortable as I was already settled in. Of course, I moved & went to Mame where I was welcomed.

Back home, I reached out to Illico on Facebook explaining about the bad experience. They took my contact details & told me that the higher management will reach out to me. It’s been 8 months & no one reached out.

I made a complaint with the marketing team of SoFlo and they told me that I’m not the first person who’s had a similar experience with Illico.

I hope you’ll have amazing experiences with Illico but as for me, that’s a no and I wouldn’t recommend it! 🤯


Vida e Caffe

For those who don’t know: Vida e Caffe means life & coffee. It was inspired by the street Caffe of Portugal.
If you are in Jumbo, the only place where you can work or hold business meetings is at Vida e Caffe; a quiet place in a busy mall. 🤩


Mabuti Mauritius

This coffee lounge is found in the Cybercity building. Since it’s not on the main road, it’s pretty quiet in the mornings and during the day which makes it the perfect place to work in Ebene.

It gets very busy & crowded during lunchtime though. So, make sure to run away before noon if you’re an introvert 😉

Artisan Coffee

Recently opened in Buford House Ebene, the vintage setting of this coffee shop always blows me away (in a good way)
Heads up! There is no vegan food there and not a great variety of vegetarian food either.🤷‍♀️



I’ve worked at the Officea coworking space, precisely at Turbine for almost a year and the experience has only been fruitful. If you have teamwork to be done, then you can pop in there and enjoy the space.

Cafe Lux Bagatelle

My go-to place if I’m in bagatelle! You’ll find quite some people working at Cafe Lux and I’ve never been disappointed there 🙂

Mugg & Bean Bagatelle

If Cafe Lux is crowded, my second choice would be Mugg & Bean with bottomless tea and muffins! 🎂

St Pierre

Go to The Hive if you are in St Pierre. The environment is full of cozy vibes, plants, and amazing peeps!
And, if you are hungry the Kendra mall is close by.

Beau Plan

Artisan Coffee at Mahogany Mall

Coworking by the lake? Here’s me & Sylvestre, the co-founder of Parseur (a cool document parsing tool) diving into video marketing strategies.

Kudos to the waiters who were more than friendly!

You can have lunch at Zakadi; I have the most delicious bowl of Quinoa salad there 🤤

Trou aux Biches

La Plage by Evaco

Fancy working near the beach, the sea & with the sun? Located near the public beach, La Plage offers a tropical setting for lunch and coworking.

Bonus points: you get the chance to have an exquisite lunch there!🏝

Curious to hear about your experiences as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or with remote working around the island! Drop your comments 👇

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