The obsession with academics grades

academic grades

Academic Grades Obsession! “Kifer to pé dessiné? Al apran to Maths! Kumsa meme to pu gagne bon travay?” Damn! What’s with this obsession with academic grades?! My cousin, Avinash always heard those repeated scoldings from his parents after school. He had this passion for arts & culture and he was talented in those skills. He […]

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Something Big is coming!

Hey my amazing subscribers! Happy 2019! I’ve been getting emails about the blog recently as I haven’t written any articles recently. Rest assured, I’m not dead 🙂 And, nor is the blog dead. Big things are coming for my blog & some awesome articles as well! Goodies are on their way also. Stay tuned. Love […]

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Silence and Love

Silence and Love Love? The four-letter word which has the greatest meaning of life. The society had taught us that love is that feeling between two people. There are so many quotes, wordings on love. But, love goes beyond that. Like, right now at this moment, I am feeling a surge of love for […]

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It takes a lot to wish love, kindness & happiness to the people who’ve hurt you. But, do it with a smile. There is no power in hate. Love is everything 🙌🏻

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