The obsession with academics grades

academic grades

Academic Grades Obsession!

“Kifer to pé dessiné? Al apran to Maths! Kumsa meme to pu gagne bon travay?”

Damn! What’s with this obsession with academic grades?!

My cousin, Avinash always heard those repeated scoldings from his parents after school. He had this passion for arts & culture and he was talented in those skills. He was fifteen-years old and he could draw an impeccable portrait of yours in no time. I would say, he had a gift for drawing and, he would proudly show the cousin squad his vivid imagination engraved in paper.

I remember during the traditional Christmas dinner in 2012, my aunt stumbled upon some of his sketches in his room and figuratively ran to Avinash’s mum to have a “serious conversation” about his future.

“Dessiné péna valeur sa! Li pas pu vin 1 grand dimun kumsa. Comien points lin tiré dans Maths et Accounts?”

Translation: Arts do not have much value as much as Maths or accounts. What’s his grades in those subjects?

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Confidence in our ourselves – What is it exactly?


Confidence; how do you gain it? how do you lose it? And, how come some people have so much of confidence?

Confidence; what are you exactly?

Do we gain trust in ourselves when we have achieved something incredible in our career? Or, do we lose it when someone told us that our outfit looks like crap?

Is it dependant on something or everything?

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We, as humans always attach meanings to other people, to situations, to life and to circumstances that happen to us or around us.
We have emotions which makes sense that people assign value and importance to everything.
It makes us feel like we are living, which is good.

Now, I won’t contradict this but what if… let’s say for 24-hours we do not attach ourselves to anything. That every aspects of our lives; our relationship to our partner, our career, studies, and other roles.. they are just stages, plays that we are performing.
And, the real big thing that matters is us.
Our inner peace, our mind, our self love and happiness.

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