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It is a future time in a distant world. A woman sits on an elegant chair arranged by a fountain in a courtyard surrounded by a sumptuous garden. She is dressed in a silvery robe and her long blonde hair lies draped over one shoulder. She appears to be in her mid-forties but is many years older, and those who know her consider her strikingly beautiful.

Birds and insects flutter among the blossoms. In the distance, majestic spacecraft streak silently through the sky. The ambiance is one of harmony and balance, between human and nature, between individual and society.
The woman knows that such peace and balance are not by accident, that nature itself is always in a state of entropy, that humans are disposed to fear and violence. But her people have learned how to rise to and maintain themselves at a higher level of being, above ignorance, greed, hypocrisy, vindictiveness, and prejudice. She knows there are dark forces within the galaxy keen on disrupting her kind’s way of life and interrupting their message of faith and progression.
She is one of the chosen messengers of a special communications group called Secret Transmissions Allied Response (STAR). She receives telepathic messages through the chasm of time and space, calls for help from a faraway planet named Earth, specifically from a group of people gathered at a place known to them as Mt. Shasta.
The messages are frantic and the distress they evoke is immediate and visceral.
Help us, there is a bomb…
Many will die…
We are waiting…
You are our liberator…
On her lap rests a small open book; as she receives these messages, she thinks of a response and its words appear on the blank pages.
The bifurcation of your world has begun…
Control and Fear or Love and Freedom…
Dystopia or Utopia…
Your choice…

The Interview

  • What inspired you to write Star Revelations?

    I had the seed of the story in my mind when I was 17 and over the many years it grew as I grew. I heard a song on the radio called “I’ll find my way home” by Jon and Vangelis and the words resonated. That song was that seed for me. It is a song that speaks to the heart about how life can bring many challenges and we will prevail and find our way home if we keep going.
  • How long it take to write the story and publish the book?

    It took me 4 years to write and publish it (once I committed to it).
  • Tell me about your 5 favorite books.

Each of these books has a central theme about a journey of great transformation both inner and outer. They all have an otherworldly theme that creates an expansive outlook on the Universe and life.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
DaVinci Code by Dan Brown
Agony and Ecstasy by Irving Stone
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling
2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

  • How is your journey as a writer?

I was a speaker for 30 years and found my ability to articulate words easier as a speaker. I became a novelist more recently (4 years ago) and it has been a big learning curve.

  • What advice would you give to someone just starting her/his own book?

Get clear about the genre and why you like that genre
What is the premise of the story? Is there a message?
Write a story outline.
Carry a notebook or recording device wherever you go.
Write the first draft every day. Try the same time every day and guard that time. I wrote every day for 4 hours in the morning. Small steps, but every day.
After the first draft is written, find a good editor to help you with the 2nd draft.

  • Something that you love other than writing?

Speaking about and leading groups through personal growth processes

  • Who do you look up to? Your idol?

I’m not sure I really have one. I try not to idolize others. I have found a few mentors and teachers who have guided me along over the years.

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This is my post during the blog tour for Star Revelations by Steven Paul Terry. In Star Revelations a TV Star on a terrifying journey of misdirection and murder, must learn who she is, and bring a message from another world, hundreds of earth years in the future.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours and the tour runs from 28 February till 13 March. You can see the tour schedule here.

Star Revelations book cover
Star Revelations (Star Revelations #1)
By Steven Paul Terry
Genre: Thriller /Suspense /Mystery/ Science Fiction
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 6 November, 2021

Get their attention before it’s too late… The Quiet War has begun…

Acclaimed journalist and media celebrity Diana Willis can snag the inside scoop and truth on any story. But when her helicopter mysteriously malfunctions and plummets to the ground, everything changes, sending Diana down a maze of murderous intrigue and confusion. Waking up from a coma eight weeks after the crash, she struggles with the recurring dreams that reveal an extraordinary past life. Now, Diana’s hellbent on uncovering the secrets about those past memories.

Delving into a world of mind control and past lives, the truth is more terrifying than she ever imagined as she travels back in time to face the perpetrators of America’s most confidential and sinister projects. Teaming up with an unlikely ally, an elusive interdimensional mentor from her other life, Diana is able to restore her psychic and telepathic powers. Suddenly, they’re in more danger than ever before as their enemies seek world domination through mind control and media manipulation.

Can Diana use her powers to expose the truth, learn who she is, and bring a message of faith and freedom from another world, hundreds of earth years in the future?

“I returned from your future and there is no fear. I am courageous and free…”


Steven Paul Terry author picture
About the Author:
Steven Paul Terry was born in London, England, where he went to school before moving to Australia where his education continued. He’s spent three decades traveling the globe as a professional speaker, challenging and inspiring audiences to live a great life through his executive coaching strategies.

Terry divides his time between Colorado and Mexico. When not touring, he enjoys writing by the ocean, where he is also an avid swimmer and diver.

Learn more about Steven Paul Terry at

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