“I’m tired of looking for that special guy,” she went on. “I don’t think he’s out there. And you know what, I’m okay with it.” How long had she been putting off being happy while she waited for a man to do it for her? “We’re single ladies and proud of it.” Her shoulders felt lighter at the loss of all that stress. She was over it.

“We don’t need men,” Miss Mary agreed. But Ginny saw her gazing longingly at the bridal couple.

“The only thing we need them for is to have a baby.” The words were out of Ginny’s mouth before she could stop them.

“Not really,” Lucy gave her a side-eye.

“Just pick a man you’ll never see again and have a one-night stand,” Miss Mary told her. Everyone at the table stared at her in disbelief. “What’s the matter? That’s how it was done in my day.”

“Women didn’t do that back in our day,” Miss Letty said with a frown.

“Some did,” Miss Mary said. “They told everyone their husbands died in the war.”

“Miss Mary, you’re surprising us today,” Ginny said.

“I’ve been on this Earth for seventy-eight years. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t know what goes on in the world.”

“Guess we shouldn’t underestimate the single ladies,” Lucy said.

Someone called Ginny’s name, and she turned in her seat.

“I love that dress.” Her friend Katie came up from behind her, then broke out into a wide grin as Carter approached, carrying their almost-one-year-old daughter, Ivy.

Ginny’s chest felt heavy as she drank in the sight of the sweet little girl with Katie’s blond curls and Carter’s dark eyes. Ivy reached out for her mother, and Carter passed her over. The little girl patted her mother’s cheeks and placed an open-mouthed kiss on her lips. The ladies at the table sighed, and tears prickled Ginny’s eyes. Would she ever have the chance for a child of her own?

The whole biological clock thing had never worried her before. She’d always figured she had plenty of time. But now here she was, forty years old, and her clock had to be winding down. How long before it stopped altogether?

Ginny swallowed. She had to get over her baby envy. “She’s adorable.”

“Gotta get over to the head table.” Carter leaned over to drop a kiss on Katie’s cheek. “Mom’s waiting for you at the family table.” He nodded at Ginny and the others. “Ladies.”

Family table. Never had Ginny felt less like family than she did right now at this Colburn wedding. Wait staff started circulating with glasses of champagne. Ginny dropped back into her chair. Time to push all these envious feelings away. Today wasn’t about her, it was about Rachel and Beckett. She could be happy for them, like she could be happy for Katie and Carter, without feeling sorry for herself. Or at least she wouldn’t wallow in the envy.

“Champagne, ladies?”

Ginny glanced up at the smooth, familiar voice. Josh approached their table, carrying a tray of tall champagne flutes. She couldn’t help but remember he wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath those snug black trousers. The thought made her warm. And made her smile.

“Hi there.” Ginny surprised herself at the flirty tone in her voice. “You’re a real lifesaver.”

He winked at her, making her tingle. Then he glanced around the table, taking them all in. “I’m always glad to be of service, ladies.”

Ginny not-quite accidentally brushed her arm against his as she helped pass the champagne around the table. She could do with some harmless flirting right about now. “This was exactly what we needed. Thanks.”

He looks like exactly what you need, Ginny.” Miss Mary had a twinkle in her eyes. Could she read Ginny’s mind?

Miss Letty gasped. “Mary!” Then she burst into laughter. “She’s right, you know, Ginny. You need someone to take your mind off that cheating bastard. He’d be just the young man to do it.”

Eyes widened around the table, and Ginny’s face heated, but she couldn’t help glancing at Josh. He winked again, and she reminded herself that she wasn’t looking for the right man to make her happy. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t use a sexy man to give herself a little happiness.

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