Holland 🐈Spaying your animals can be an emotional process for both the animal and the owners. Based on the traumatic experience that I had with Kiara (my cat and the queen of the house), I’ve decided to share some helpful tips and suggestions in this article for cat owners.

What is spaying-neutering?

Seroquel canada Neutering your pets is the process of preventing them from reproducing through surgery. In male animals, their testicles are removed and in female ones, their ovaries are removed.

optimally I know it sounds painful to make your beloved animals go through this process. Trust me, it took me a lot of courage to accept the fact that my female cat does need to be spayed.

Why should you spay your cat?

  • Not all cats enjoy it when they are in their heat season. My cat was in extreme pain and did not what to do at all. She kept screaming in pain, not in pleasure. And her instincts were to go find a mate which were very risky for her. Male cats could come after as well.
    Spaying your cat will keep her calm always and reduce the risk of getting injured when she goes into heat.
  • It helps to prevent diseases such as ovarian and cervical cancers. Since the cat won’t go outdoors during mating season, the risk of approaching other cats are reduced as well.
  • Your cat will be involved in less fights. Unneuteured cats have agressive instincts and can get hurt very easily.

Things to consider before the surgery

The surgery usually lasts for 30-45 minutes. After that, you will be able to take your cat home. In other countries, female cats are sometimes put under observation at the veterinary overnight. However, in Mauritius due to a lack of staff, veterinary does not offer these services.

Your cat will be groggy after the operation as she will be administered strong anaesthesia and pain killers. She may not remember you for some hours.

  • She will not be able to walk for some hours
  • She will feel lost
  • She may not remember you
  • She may vomit and foam at her mouth
  • She will try to hide

Do not panic if any of those things are happening. These are normal stuff that may happen after the surgery.

  • Make sure her room is quiet and the light is dim
  • Give her space and don’t pick her up each time
  • Have her food and water ready close to her
  • Make sure her cone is well fitted around her neck
  • Always check on her to make sure that she is not scratching her stitches. This is the most important one as if her stitches come out, it can cause infections.
  • You can buy baby clothes to put on her so that she can’t scratch.
  • Don’t let her go outside till the stitches are removed.

😩Unfortunately, no one told me about all these above and it was a nightmare when my cat came home after the surgery. Her cone kept coming out as it was too big for her. She became aggressive because she was in pain.
And, I didn’t know what to do at the moment. We were scared and thought that something worse would happen to her during the night.

🏝If you are in Mauritius, please sit down with your veterinary and make sure they provide you with all the information and how to tackle this type of situation. Veterinary in Mauritius do not offer night services and they do not pick up their phones either in case of emergencies. So, better have everything ready beforehand.

😿My cat was administered painkillers every 2 days for two weeks. After some days, she adapted to her cone and was able to eat on her own (a fighter!). But, she was very quiet and kept to herself. She stayed in her hiding spot most of the time.

🙀Honestly, this is not a great experience for your cat at all. We took care of her like a baby; fed her walked with her, put her to bed among a lot of stuff. Your cat is already scared after surgery. Imagine waking up with your legs and belly shaved, a cone on your head, and having pain. I used to talk to her more just to relax her – she didn’t meow for 2 weeks.

😸After 14 days, you will see that your cat will be back to normal a bit when the stitches are removed.

How did the experience go for your pets? Let me know in the comments!