I always wanted to be a speaker at the Developers Conference in Mauritius but, I never actually got the courage to do it.

I always admired how Vidush used to excel at public speaking and making the audience laugh as well. Even Alex, Nayar, Cedric & Priyesh were always confident while delivering their sessions in front of so many people.

Public speaking or being in front of the camera has never really been my thing until pitch night at Turbine. It was my first time in front of an audience that night and all I know is that I had to do it well (which I did BTW – we were among the finalist! )

From that day, I gained the confidence to just speak up about things that I’m really good at.

So, why not a speaker this time at DevCon 2020?

So, I called Vidush of course! And, we decided to share a session together.

The Developers Conference is about bringing all the IT passionate together and sharing their expertise and tips. I am not a developer. I’m a marketing passionate and yet, I did come forward to talk about marketing stuffs in a Developers Conference.

Topic: Mobile Optimization using Google Analytics

I shared my expertise on A/B testing using Google Analytics especially if you have an e-commerce store on Shopify on Woo-Commerce.

Vidush then took the lead and spoke about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a platform where you can build static content – it has in-built support for Google Analytics.

where to buy disulfiram (antabuse) View our session here at 7:38 🙂

The Bonus!

The organizing team decided to introduce podcast talks in between the sessions and, the first one was “ where can i buy prednisolone for dogs in uk Women in Tech“.

A very important topic that I got invited to share my thoughts on how women are breaking down old rules and creating new ones not only in technology, but the workspace as well.

You can watch the whole podcast session at 1:15:39

Even if the DevCon 2020 was virtual this year, it was a new and awesome experience!

If you’ve watched my session or even the podcast, share your thoughts in the comments.

DevCon 2020 : Too many more!

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