In my previous article, we showed you how to increase your conversion rates with multi-step popups campaigns.

But, did you know that exit popups are another sales strategy to retain your leads at the last minute?

As simple as that, the moment your visitors are leaving the website, an exit popup will appear grabbing the attention of the users. Cool right?

Now, imagine that the popup dims your website content so that the focus is only on what you are offering to the visitor?
That’s what we call – Lightbox Popups.

With OptinMonster, you can combine lightbox popups with the Exit-Intent® technology and, show off a deal or promotion when they are trying to leave your website.

Exit popups are definitely going to increase the conversion rates at the last minute. In just a few minutes, you can insert a lightbox popup combined with the exit strategy on your WooCommerce website. It can be used to reduce cart abandonment also!

Widnes Creating your campaign in OptinMonster

We are going to assume that you have already familiarized yourself with how OptinMonster works.

While creating your campaign, choose the how to buy provigil online Popup one and the checkout template:

Name your campaign and add the WooCommerce link on which the exit popup will appear:

You can now start building your campaign based on the type of popup that you want to appear on your website.

On the left-hand side, you will see all the editing tools or you can follow the guide here as well.

Once your campaign is set, it is important that you choose the display rules properly. Since this is an exit lightbox popup, the conditions should be set to If exit detected while choosing the level of sensitivity; low, medium, and high.

Don’t forget to connect your email service provider to collect email addresses of your leads!

And, that’s it! Publish your Popup campaign to WooCommerce!

You can refer to the tutorial below as well to set up the lightbox exit popups: