I gave a Facebook live on email marketing a few weeks back in the mail order Misoprostol Digital Marketing Group of Mauritius (DMM) and I wanted to share some quick tips and tricks that you could use in your email marketing strategy. 

Fact: Email marketing is not dead.

It is still an effective digital marketing strategy to convert prospects into customers. However, I believe that not every company needs to implement an email marketing campaign.

But, if you are one of those who need one right now, here’s some tips to help you through.

http://firepowerrecords.com/tag/high-five/ Step 1: Segment your list 

It is important to know to whom you will be addressing those emails. Every email marketing strategy is a different one. You can have various scenarios in your company. 


1) The journey of a lead until he/she signs up for a free trial 

2) Prospects who are already on trial; to convert them into paying customers 

By defining where your leads and prospects are in your sales funnel, you will know exactly what to write in your emails. 

This is where understanding your buyer personas to the core becomes imperative. 

Step 2: The subject line 

Once you have defined for whom the email marketing strategy will be, it’s time to draft your templates and personalized emails. 

The subject line is the first thing that your leads or customers will see. So, it has to stand out to capture their attention. 

The question that you need to ask yourself here is:

‘’Why should they click on my email?’’

Another tip that I recommend here is to go through your own personal mailbox and select those subject lines which attracted you in the first place. There must be a reason why you opened up those emails.
Do a brainstorming and then, come up with creative subject lines of your own!  

The goal here is to get your prospects or customers to actually open your emails. 

Step 3: The content 

The attention span of customers is short hence, long emails won’t work well.

Draft your content as if you are writing to a friend so that you can reach your audience on a personal level 

Include images, videos, or gifs. Emojis work amazingly too! Don’t hesitate to be creative in your writing! 

Don’t forget to always include a CTA (call to action) in your emails if you need your prospects to take a specific action. 

End your emails with a ‘’name’’ (e.g, Cheers – Neha) so that your leads know who is sending those emails to them. And,  in case, they want to reply they also know to whom the email should be addressed. 

Basically, your content should be short, friendly, and precise to what information you are trying to convey through. 

Step 4: Track your emails 

Always monitor the emails that are going out from your side: 

  1. Whether the emails have delivered to the recipient 
  2. The open rates 
  3. How many times someone is opening your emails 
  4. How many people are unsubscribing once they’ve received your emails 


Tools that you can use for your email marketing strategies:

1) Mailchimp 
2) Intercom
3) Mailerlite 

Automate the email marketing process as much as you can!