buy provigil cheap 2020 has brought a new change in all our lives and in the way we execute our job.
It has led us to remotely working and adapting this changing work environment.
From someone who’s been working at home even before COVID-19 happened, here are some tips below:

Yes – you need to have a fixed and quiet place in your house where you can focus well and won’t be distracted.
But, once in a while, it’s important to change your environment. If you work in your room all the time, for hours, you will get sick of it at some point. And, that’s when the lockdown will start getting to your head – you will want to go out.

Be creative and change your workspace! Yes, it can happen even if you’re stuck at home.

Today, I’m working outside. And, it made me more productive than to always be within the 4 walls of my room.

Plan your day ahead

Being at home can get you easily distracted, especially when you don’t live alone. Organizing and planning your day becomes important so that you know exactly what you need to do during the day. And stick to it!

Don’t get tempted each time you see your PS4 !

Take small breaks.

Yes – you’re stuck at home! But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take a break from your screens. Those eyes do need a time-out at some point.

Take a small walk in your garden or have a little chat with your family.
Read a book. Watch 20 mins of your favorite TV show. Play with your dog. Dance! Oh – I could go on and on. The key is to balance your time.

Align your work schedules with your family

This is the most essential part, especially when you have some important video calls going on.
I always let my parents know whenever I have an important call coming in so that I’m not disturbed in the middle.
And, I do the same when they are focusing on a major task.
It’s simple coordination which everyone respects.

Working from home doesn’t have to be a casse-tête. We just need to adapt and be flexible. Yes – it’s a new thing which happened all of a sudden.

But, try to figure out a way to make it work and enjoy the process. It won’t last 😉

3 thoughts on “Working from home…It shouldn’t be that hard!”

  1. Love it Neha!

    Communication with your family is indeed key when working from home. I also inform when I will be in call and even stick a post-it on my door: “In Call” ?

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