First, make sure that your loved ones and you are safe and, that you are not constantly stressing about your health. This is primordial as you won’t be able to infuse all your energy into new ideas unless your mind is clear. 

Don’t just assume that things are running on smoothly just like before the lockdown happened because chances are, they are not.

Many of your clients may have lost their routine work just like you and me.

You do not know in which state of mind your client is or how Covid-19 is affecting their line of business.

So, pick up the phone and interact with your clients about your ongoing projects or new ones which were supposed to be implemented.

Nigel Adapt & Improvise

It is completely understandable if your client’s business objectives and priorities have changed. The reason why a conversation with all of your clients is important to know in which direction you both are proceeding.

What do you do if one or two clients of yours say that they have to put a pause on X project at this moment?

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Ask them what budget can they allocate right now for X project. Depending on the amount, re-adjust your plan and advise them on particular services you can offer to assist them.

The power of learning.  

It’s human nature to fall into a “stress mode” as you’ve probably lost some clients or some deals didn’t go through because of the impact of Covid-19.

Let’s take a step back and try to find a silver lining amidst chaos and change.

You suddenly have more time at hand now. Sign up for that course and build upon your skills. Feed your brain with additional knowledge and get certified.

A lot of learning platforms are providing courses for free during this period such as DigitalMarketer.

The day things will get back to normal, you will have other qualities that you will be able to put forward with new clients.

This is how you start planting the seeds for a compelling future.

No, you cannot use Covid-19 to increase your prices.

If you are aware that a client of yours is in a bad situation right now and badly needs a service of yours, now is the time to help out; whether it’s a discount or even a free service during this uncertain time.

Give back to the community

I believe everyone has a moral obligation to help in whatever way they can in this crucial phase that we are all going through.

Maybe, you have some tips and tricks in the line of the field that you are that you can share.

Maybe you can provide a free guide with basic steps that could help our other entrepreneurs.

It can be anything. Even the smallest gesture is going to make an impact right now. 

There are two ways on how to approach the crisis:

1) I lost clients which means less money, leading to increased stress. I get caught up in all the negativity that is happening on social media right now and join those who choose to stay idle during the lockdown period.

2) I lost clients which means less money. But, I have more time now which I can use productively in building up my skills, learning more, coming up with new strategies while spending quality time with my family. 

Which path are you going to adopt? The choice is yours. 

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