http://philldiscgolf.com/alex.php In my previous article, I showed you how the feature “website announcement bar” can help you grow your email list.

Increasing your leads is essential for every business and should be one of the top priorities. With OptinMonster, you can be sure to never fail on that!

What is a Content Locking?

Let’s say you want your visitors to access a specific content (a video, article, advertisement) before proceeding to scroll the entire website. Adding a content locker to your website allows the visitors to interact with it. This increases your list of subscribers and helps you to acquire high conversion leads.

Let’s take the case where you just publish high-quality content on your blog. With the content lock feature enabled on your website, only your subscribers will be able to read the article. Visitors who are browsing your website will have to submit their email address in order to access this specific content as it will be blurred.

The content locking feature is a great way to differentiate between leads that can be converted and a visitor who is just browsing. It is another effective strategy in the leads sales funnel.

Did you know?
You can also make revenue from the locked content.

Adding the content lock feature

The feature works on every platform including WordPress and other CMS.

Sign in to your OptinMonster account and follow the below tutorial to add the feature.

You can also follow the steps here for more guidance.

As a small business or a blogger, lead generation is of utmost importance. Once you receive their email address, you can also know which specific content has attracted qualified leads.
A little tease to receive subscribers which you can actually convert afterward.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing feature and watch how your email list sky rocks!!!

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