Voice out, Girl.

Girl, this is for you.  Oakland Park #girlsLikeYou

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

Elie Wiesel

Girl, I know you are scared. The truth is, we all do have this fear building inside of us since we were born. It’s a sad truth.
Our parents are scared for us, because of how society is towards women.
So, they will do anything to protect us so that we don’t go out & do shits that will “expose” our vulnerability.
And, it’s understandable from our parents’ point of view.

But, it does not have to be that way. We can bring change.

At some point, girls need to learn when and how to stand up for themselves Novoul’yanovsk alone.

Here’s the thing: nobody likes a rebel and especially when the rebel is a woman.

But, you gotta do what you gotta do, irrespective of how anyone perceives it.

“Oh! Just ignore it.”

I have heard this phrase countless times since my childhood till now. Some people still ask women to ignore the comments, the rumors, the gossips – to ignore everything.
I say NO.
The more you ignore, the more people think that it is OKAY to say shits about a woman. By ignoring, you are encouraging that “culture” which needs to stop.

Power does not lie in ignoring. The power lies in  buy modafinil online in india VOICING OUT. 

This year, I faced comments from a group of people in a working environment who thought that it was okay to pass on comments on women. It’s simple – they did it because no one told them to stop.

I don’t care in which year we are – no one has the right to disrespect anyone, not even by joking.

Of course, when I retaliated back, those people defended themselves by saying that they were only “joking”; that I did not understand the joke. I was told to go and report them; that nothing will happen to them.

So much of boldness. They were fearless.

And, it got me thinking. Where do people get so much of courage to act like a dick to others?

Who is allowing them to bully, to be rude and to say anything that they want to anyone? The Society? The company itself? Our culture? Their peers?

We are nearly in 2020 and some people still find joy in disrespecting others.

So many people came and told me to ignore the matter. To let go. What left me perplexed is that it was other women who came and told me to let go.
Why? They said that I’ll only ruin my own reputation by reporting the matter.

Girl, you cannot NOT voice out because of fear. Because of what others will say.

Despite people pressurizing me not to do it, I did move forward with the matter.

I won’t lie to you Girl – the process was exhausting and long. You have to stand your ground no matter what happens.

This is how you win. And, this is how I won too.

Don’t be afraid to voice out when something is wrong, even if it’s within your family. The least you can do is try. We can atleast try to put an end to some people’s sick mentality.
By ignoring, you are just encouraging bad behavior and bad culture.

Girl, if I can do it. So, Can You.

And, for those who feel the need to disrespect a woman just to feel man enough – this video below is for you:

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