Being Vulnerable is Being Strong

Who started this? Who defined “a strong person” as someone who puts on a happy mask and hides all of his emotions?

I can still see people hiding all their flaws, all their imperfections and putting on a mask every day. They don’t show their weaknesses or failures.

While everyone lives differently & we totally accept that what I don’t understand is the extent those people will go to show how strong they are.

They bully others. They are rude. Arrogant. Egoistic.

You know, the mask that Harvey Specter always wears or Lucifer just to never let anybody in. And, if you try to push them to open up, they become all defensive.

Bako But, is it really worth it?

A bad past with awful experiences changes the best of people. Sometimes, the only way to protect themselves from another betrayal is to wear the “mask“.

But, wearing the mask constantly is not doing you any good.

I know there’s that fear of “what will people think if they really knew me?”
I’ll get hurt again
I’d rather hurt him/her first so that he/she cannot see through me Take. Off. The. Mask

Once you start showing your real self, you’re going to lose so many people in your life. You’re going to lose those who you thought loved you.
But, it’s only after you’ve lost those people that the right ones will find you.

Be. Vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not weakness. There is no shame in being vulnerable, in showing the parts that hurt you, your flaws & your imperfections. Those are the things who made you today.
There is no shame in opening up about something you truly care for.

The right people will see all of your flaws and never judge.

But, first, you have to be strong enough to be who you really are when no one is watching.

The power lies in being vulnerable.

It is so fucking easy to behave like an egoistic person. To be rude. Those are the easy stuff that most people are doing.

Try being vulnerable to your tribe. Try telling them your deepest & darkest pains. It’s hard as Fuck. You’ll overthink. You’ll sweat. You’ll be afraid of losing them. Now, that’s what I call being STRONG.

Because the moment you’ll show all your vulnerabilities and realize that despite all your emotional shits, your peeps still love you the same way, you will feel different.

You will feel YOU.

You’re going to die. We all are. In case, you forgot. We are all going to die sooner or later. So, stop living that fake life.
Live your best life every single day.

Now, living your best life does not mean going to all the parties, banging everyone, having the best luxury brands by your side or so much of money that you forgot to eat.

It means, digging deeper into who you really are. Loving all your flaws. Showing your real self every day fearlessly.
Saying what you think & feel out loud.

My uncle passed away in 2018. He had a reputed name among a lot of people. He knew so many people. He led a lavishing life and his children never knew the survival mode.However, on his death bed, no one came to meet him or help except us – his family.

And, I had to ask – Why? He did what he had to do to attract some famous personalities in his life. He ate with them, drank and partied with them. But, those weren’t the right and real people for him. He never got to attract the right people in his life; those who would have accepted him, whether he was rich or not. He led a rich life but unfortunately, that kind of riches were useless.

Darling, you can be strong & bold while being vulnerable & kind too.

There’s nothing more beautiful and grateful to have the right people accept all your flaws and vulnerabilities; knowing that you have atleast one person who loves you for who you really are, at any point of time.

But to attract the right people who are good for your soul, you gotta let go of the mask.

Try it. Just a little bit.

So, are you going to be strong enough to be vulnerable?

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