“Name one thing that you achieved this year”

I’m seeing this particular phrase on every social media. It’s the last days of 2019 and like every other end of the year, the trend to showcase “achievements of the year” are dropping like rain.

I understand that people are proud of what they have accomplished. I did some pretty awesome things this year too. Big things happened.

But, as you browse through your Facebook newsfeed, I want you to remember that people’s way of defining their successes are different. So, you cannot actually compare and feel shit about yourself.

Some may define their big achievement this year as buying a new car/house or getting promoted.
While yours may be seeing your kid take his first little steps this year.

It’s so strange how achievements and successes are portrayed as mostly materialistic stuff.

Like, you visit your relatives once in a year and they ask – “Hey! I bought a new Audi this year. What big thing did you do in 2019?”

And, your reply may be – “Awesome car! Well, 2019 has been more of a self-love for me, focusing on myself. Getting through my anxiety or depression. I got closer to my parents. I found real friendship in someone.”
And, their response to that would be just -“Oh! That’s sad. Maybe focus more on your career next year. You can change your old car, like me!”

http://iowacomicbookclub.com/old-index.php Fuck. You. Dude.

Sorry – that was rude!

We should stop positioning and defining “success” as how many stuff you bought or how many people you banged this year (what? Only 10? That’s it? Does that make you feel less than a man or a woman?)
Seriously, what’s the use of having bought such a big house or exceeding your bank balances when you are not even at peace with yourself? Or, you’re still hung up in your past?!

A lot of people won’t agree with this. They told me that joy is found in the designer shits that you buy. And, in redecorating your house for New Year so that people can see that “Nun avanC dans nou lifestyle”

If you’re achieving just to show the world, then it’s meaningless.

Do things for you. For your Soul. And, not for people. 

http://vantagehsi.com/caregiver-burnout-common-signs-symptoms-watch/ Please, Less Ego. More Soul.

Met a guy on La Plage Tamarin with his dog and backpack. His car was an old Renault. He was all alone, yet smiling at the Seaview. When asked, his biggest “achievement of the year” was to be able to spend more quality time with his family & his dog this year. He learned to say NO to additional work which could have led to extra money and a new car.
But, dude said he has never been happier.

Fier-Çifçi Less is More

Befriended that cute girl who was enjoying her solo lunch at Café de la Presse. I get so happy when I see others having a solo coffee or lunch while being totally at peace with themselves. When asked, her biggest “achievement of the year” was that she was able to fall in love with herself – something she just could not do for years. She mustered all her courage to say NO to her toxic relationship. She’s happy now. Finally.
And, I could not be happier for her.

So, no her success was not like those 2 other girls who are showing off their new iPhones and passing on comments on “why is that girl eating all alone; maybe she’s depressed.”

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? –‘

Don’t judge what you don’t understand. Don’t be a dickhead.

If you have not been able to change your car this year or you could not find enough money to paint your house, it’s fine. It’s OKAY.
You have what’s real. What’s really important.
You may not have a big house but, you are having dinner with your kids every evening, hearing all about their stories.
You may not have afforded to travel this year again but, if you managed to spend quality time with the people who love you for all your flaws, trust me – you’re lucky!.

And, for me, this is what I called a big achievement – the REAL thing!

So, if you have infused more self-love in your life this year. Removed your mask and met the right people. Withhold the urge to stay perfect & always happy in front of society. Healed yourself from your past. Learned to be vulnerable and happily showed your flaws.

Then, your achievements are bigger; because you have learned the real thing.

If I remove all your materialistic stuff, put you in a small & cozy house, in a forest with no WiFi and you are asked – “What’s your biggest achievement this year?”
What will be your reply?

People measure their level of success differently. While we are not here to judge and point fingers, it’s important to question whether you’re really happy or not.
The world does not need to know your answer. I don’t need to know that.
You know yourself better than anyone.

So, Less Ego. And, More Soul for 2020.

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