order Seroquel online Writing this from Paul at SoFlo

Bad Vilbel I had some errands to run in the morning in Curepipe. Seriously, if you want to get things done quickly (especially paper stuff) in Curepipe, you gotta start early. Like, reach there before 9:30 am!

I craved for some good food at around 12:30 am and decided to go grab a solo lunch at SoFlo.

I was surprised to see how SoFlo was crowded on a Tuesday.

I headed to Paul on the first floor – I needed a cozy and quiet place to read my book –
“ The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson”

How I missed solo lunches!

I wanted to have tagliatelle but there were only 2 options available on the menu; seafood and vegetarian. I’m not a big fan of seafood unless squid is on the table.

The waiter was kind enough to ask me which type of tagliatelle I wanted to have and of course, the Chef smiled and said yes!

But, I had to wait for 15mins which I’m totally fine with that.

I’ve got my book to keep me company and I was given bread and butter to keep my stomach from screaming!

I remember how some years back in Mauritius when I used to go for solo coffees and my book, people used to stare at me. And, I knew exactly what they were thinking – damn, http://peterabbott.co.uk/suppliers-of-fixings-and-fasteners-including-nuts-bolts-and-screws-in-frome-somerset/prod1/fax:01373451513 she’s alone! She’s depressed!

Now, I can see more people coming for solo lunch. Right now, there are around 4 people having a wonderful lunch solo and they are happy. They’re not thinking constantly about what others are thinking about them.

And, this makes me feel overjoyed.

Oh, and for those 2 wonderful ladies who keep looking at me and gossiping – I can do lip reading ?

People need to stop feeling sorry for others when they do not understand their way of life. I guess, you guys have been fed up with me talking constantly about self-love over and over again!

Enjoy your own company.

Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I have a special tagliatelle to devour ?‍♀️

Cheers to Self Love!

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