Turbine 3rd Test Drive

The third Turbine test drive ended last month and it was Frontignan LIT !!!

A little background story on Turbine, for those who are not aware of it…

Launched in 2015 by ENL Group, Turbine is a co-working space and startup incubator in Mauritius.
The third test drive began in October 2019 with a series of workshops over 4-weeks and ending with the Final Pitch Night.

Turbine received 115 applications this time, with fresh and pioneering ideas. It is so inspiring to see how innovations and entrepreneurial vibes are on the rise on our small island!
Nayar and I, we were pleasantly surprised when our business idea got accepted by the Turbine team.

And, thus began our exciting new journey with Turbine and 15 other teams.

The Meet and Greet

We had a “Meet & Greet” session before the workshops started. We had the golden opportunity to network, build relationships with the other test drivers and shared our business ideas with each other.

The Workshops

The evening workshops were led by experts and business coaches, who left no stone unturned to coach us extensively. We had deliverables such as our marketing analysis, financial model and milestone plan among others to submit every week.
The coaches were available to us for any queries and help that we might require anytime.

A big thanks to our business coaches:
Aysha Julie ~ Director at Future Females Invest
Alexandrine Maigrot ~ Personal Coach, Co-Founder at Otentic
Marc Israel ~ CEO of Aetheis
Michel Juanico ~ Owner of Uppwise LTD

Not to forget, Diane Maigrot’s Tough Love!

I cannot stress enough on how the workshops were an eye-opener for us to ponder in every possible direction as new business owners. We even had the chance to learn about the mistakes, failures, and successes of the entrepreneurial experts.

But, most importantly ~

We had Fun!!!

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

Turbine made sure that we didn’t end up like this.
The #entrepreneurshiplife is hard. But, it does not mean that you can’t make it an enjoyable adventure. It was stressful but we had our laughs.
It was late nights work, but we made sure that pizza was there too, alongside with Namah’s good humor & Priyesh’s lucky hair!

The Final Pitch Night

We had a wonderful session with Marc Israel, CEO of Aetheis, to learn all about the tips to practice a perfect Pitch.

The Final Pitch Night was held on the 12th of November 2019, in the presence of investors, business angels, and professionals.

And, Nayar and I, we were among the Top 5 Winners !!!

http://cumarefrigeration.com/shop/?product_brand=samsung,federal-industries,novara,paddlecof,bruhm,waring,hobart,world-tableware,grindmaster Le Defi Economie ~ 4th Dec 19

In case, anyone wants to have more details about our business plan, kindly reach out to us.
We will be thrilled to entertain any interest in our #FinTech Startup.

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