The Musgrave Spirits Gin…

Do you love appreciating exquisite drinks?

Any Gin lover out there? Even if you are not, this Gin is going to blow your mind!

The history of Musgrave Spirits

Maurice Boon Musgrave started this exclusive journey in 1949 on the lands of Africa. The passion, adventure, and spirit now live on in his granddaughter, Simone Musgrave.

I was honored to receive an invitation for an exclusive masterclass held by the creator herself, Simone Musgrave alongside Katie Coetzee.

The masterclass was held at the Sugar Beach Resort.
Kudos to the staff of Sugar Beach Resort who excel in their impeccable client service!

Blending in this artistic decor

I met those 2 amazing ladies ~ thelovelybrunette and peachytales and we had a blast in experimenting with our Gins!

It is another feeling when you prepare your own drink. People’s choices differ and when you can experiment with your own drink, you create something unique as per your required taste. Musgrave Pink

“A delight in soft colours and pink horizons”

modafinil to buy online Musgrave 11 ~ The Original Gin

“African Ginger, Cardamon and Grains of Paradise”

Of course – we had accompaniments with our drinks: Sushi and snacks! But, seriously Sushi!

Simone Musgrave is of no doubt a truly inspiring woman for all the women entrepreneurs out there.

The biggest takeaway from the Musgrave Spirits masterclass was not the Gin. It was the amazing entrepreneurial journey of Simone Musgrave, which led her to where she is today. The success of a great business lies in the hardships, failures, and milestones – those are the things, which turn dreams into goals and goals into milestones.

I would like to thank HVC Ltd for making this event an amazing one!

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