My 7 days without Social Media and, Sel’tso less screen time as well!

I was on my annual leave from my full-time job and I decided to have a little experience… How about no social media for a week?!
I am constantly on my phone, my work laptop and personal laptop for more than 10 hours per day. Checking emails, responding to clients’ queries, working and since I am in the social media industry, I always have to be aligned with what’s going on in the social world.

So, yups! No escape from social media sites on a normal day.

social media

I started my no-social-media experience on a Sunday. I could not begin on Saturday as I had to finish 13 Reasons Why first (which is a bullshit season, please do not waste your Netflix time by watching this).

I shut down my work and personal laptop. Those two would stay closed for the next 7 days unless someone is dying and I need some info on my laptops.
The hardest part was deleting all my social media applications on my phone. Because I like to see what Kygo is doing on Instagram!
Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin.. all removed in seconds! Even my Outlook was gone from my phone.

Now, I had a smartphone that would function in a traditional way for the next 7 days – pretty cool huh!

If someone had to reach me, he/she would have had to send a text message or pick up the phone and call.

How would you spend your days without social media & your laptop?

Our parents did not have social media back in their days and yet, they have the most beautiful stories from their childhood & teenagehood.

Board Games!

Ludo, Serpents, Domino, Scrabble, Chess, Romie!

I honestly don’t remember the last time we played all these games at home.

The laughter, the wins, and losses during those traditional games. Our PS4 games stand no chance in front of those.

The beach during weekdays!

The tranquility that you get on a non-crowded beach is so peaceful. And, I was there with my book while contemplating the astounding seaview.
Of course, our Phoenix beer and “1 bon ti mine frire” accompanied me!

If you don’t have any other hobbies apart from scrolling through Facebook when you get home, you’ll definitely get bored when it is down.

What is it that you love to do?

social media

I re-discovered my endless love for books… Book lovers will relate when I confirm the number of books that I have piling up & I just keep buying some more and more!

Since I had so much of free time, I finished my books. I just could not put the books down and I read, like a LOT!

We are all conscious of the effects that screen time does to our eyes and body. The more time we spend looking at our screens, the more damage it does.
Hence, sometimes disconnecting from those do make wonders to your health.

My eyes were less tired. I slept better. I had more time to workout.

I could tune into the creative side of my brain more intensely.

I had long drives with my car, my favorite music ~ #selflove

I discovered Pizza King Italia in St-Jean – awesome pizza in a cozy place!

And, of course, nature trips were part of the experience!

social media
Heritage Nature Reserve

My 7 Days without Social Media…

It was full of new adventures, self-care, self-love and bonding with closed people in my life.

Sometimes, you have to disconnect with everything so as to reconnect with yourself.

7 thoughts on “My 7 Days without Social Media”

  1. I absolutely love this article! Which season of 13 reasons was bad? Because I haven’t even watch season 2 yet lol. But yes I often have to take breaks from social media. I also absolutely love going to the beach on weekdays….ALONE if I can lol. You’re a great writer!

  2. I can relate to your blog!! I too did a digital detox for a month, and it was a different and an amazing experience in itself!!
    I think we all should take a little break from social media time to time to enjoy the beauty of life in reality as well!
    Lovely blog!!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing experience! I did just one Sunday of no screens a week back – like you, I found it much easier to be creative (I painted for the first time in months) and I really enjoyed things I wouldn’t usually do. I think this is something we should all do once in a while!

  4. I did live without social media last week during my holidays. You will find a hint what i did instead on my blog. Well written thoughts, thank you for sharing them, Karin

  5. Great thought ! i did attempt such social media ‘fasting’ by deactivating my fb account for a couple of days. i think the longest might be around one week ! All our hobbies and interests are getting self centered and rendering us a little selfish day by day. On the other hand, spending time with oneself is also important, introspecting our soul that we tend to forget while being mesmerised or stressed by the outer world. Its only the soul that goes with us at the end of this journey

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