We’ve all heard about popups! But, what are buy stromectol pills multi-step popups?

A multi-Step popup is a campaign that involves 2 or 3 steps, instead of only one.

An example of a traditional popup that you all are familiar of is when you land on a website and a popup appears for you to enter your email address.

A multi-step popup campaign has different steps depending on the popup goal such as:
1) Your users click on a button
2) There is a follow-up action after
3) A thank you message is shown

Why you should you add a multi-step popup instead of the traditional one?

For one simple reason: it will increase the conversions on your website.

You might think that with two additional steps, your visitors will not fill in. But, according to the Zeigarnik effect, people tend to remember unfinished tasks rather than completed ones.

OptinMonster helps you create quick and easy multi-step popups on your website to increase the lead conversions rates with 2 simple methods.

  1. Yes/No Campaigns

In this campaign, your visitors will have two options to choose from: Yes and No, as you can see in the example below:

Once you’ve already created your popup campaign in OptinMonster, enable the yes/no option in the editor.

From there, you will be able to modify and customize your campaign (Yes, No and block button) using the editing tools from the left-hand side.

Don’t forget to select the right action for each button, depending on the goals that you want your visitors to take!

After you have designed your campaigns, click on the Display Rules at the top of the editor. We recommend Exit-Intent technology; the popup will appear when a visitor tries to leave the page.

You can follow the in-depth guide here and follow all the steps to get your campaign ready!

  • 2. MonsterLinks

The second method is using MonsterLinks, which is an embedded link added to any text or button. It’s only when your visitors have clicked on the text or button that the multi-step popup will appear.

You can get higher conversion rates from MonsterLinks as it would mean that the users have manifest an interest in this particular text.

Again, you will have to create your popup campaign as mentioned for the first method. From there, you will be able to customize it as per your campaign goal.

You can easily drag and drop blocks that you want to add to your campaign.

Once you are satisfied with the design of your campaign, you can now add the MonsterLink to the button.

Click on Display Rules on the top of your editor and copy the MonsterLink code.

And, that’s it! Click save and your campaign will be published.

Check out the full tutorial below that will help you increase your conversion rates! 🙂

And, don’t forget to learn more about the other cool features that OptinMonster has to offer!