Loneliness or Freedom?

ivermectin (Ivermectin) where to buy I’m sitting alone with my hot tea and books in absolute silence ~ you decide for yourself whether that’s loneliness or freedom.

loneliness or freedom

Forever Alone

purchase generic accutane Remember when those two words used to be a craze on social media? They actually became a tag for people who didn’t have friends or lovers.
I get it ~ it’s funny to create memes around it or use it to just tease and laugh among peers.

Why am I referring to this?

Most people do not really understand the kind of peace and joy one’s receive when he/she is alone. I have met so many people who actually want to experience a day alone but they will refrain from doing so. Because of peer pressure, family, society or fear of being labelled as ‘forever alone’.

If your happiness depends on your partner, friends, parties or materials, then are you really happy?

How many times have you heard people saying,
“Ayo, mo pas konten res lakaz. Penan role!”
Some people cannot even stay at home. They feel restless. They have to go out during weekends. Make plans. It’s a must for them.
Yes, people experience their own joy in different ways. However, if your mind is not at peace the moment you have nowhere to go, this is something to be questioned.

I used to be like this too. If one weekend I had no plans with my friends, I felt like my Saturday and Sunday were wasted.

Make a list on the things that you love to do. The things that bring you joy.

I know – a lot of people are going to laugh about this. A list of the things you love? That’s a waste of time. I already know what I love. I don’t want to be a weirdo.

It’s easier to laugh than face the truth.

The thing is you don’t have to show your list to anyone. It’s a part of your soul and no one has to know that.

You don’t have to tell the world about the things you love doing.
You just have to start doing those, without caring for others’ opinions.

Which one will you choose?
Loneliness or Freedom?