…And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul ๐Ÿƒ

I love this quote. It holds a deep meaning for nature lovers, like you and me.
This time, we went on a road trip to the North of our tropical island.

Mauritius is renowned for its sandy beaches and palm trees. However, you will find so many discrete and breathtaking places all around the island for people who love greens.

The Botanical Garden of Mauritius

This majestic garden is located at the heart of Pamplemousses. I had no idea it was so big that you can actually get lost if you don’t follow the signs.
But, hey! Getting lost in Nature is our thing ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Botanical Garden is the oldest garden in the Southern Hemisphere

It was so serene to explore every little corner of this garden with its unique plants.

All I could hear was Silence.
Chirping of birds. Breeze. Wind. Ruffling of leaves.
You cannot NOT fall in love with Nature.

We spent a half-day in the garden exploring and having a little family picnic.

Next Trip: Valley De Couleurs

This waterfall is from Valley Des Couleurs – so beautiful, isn’t it?

We did two-hours of quad biking in absolute nature. It was raining on that day and the roads were muddy. But, it did not matter.
I loved every moment of it, gazing at the trees and the valleys.

I won’t lie. It was my first time on a quad and I was scared. But, I did a lot of risky things this year- like getting on a boat & the weather unexpectedly turning bad.
The feeling you get after experiencing a scary trip and surviving is just amazing. You feel a little bit more confident inside and you love yourself more.

Spend more time in Nature.. It will do good to your Soul

Valley des Couleurs is a must if you want the thrill and the adventures. It’s the perfect getaway to build up super memories with friends and family.

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