buy Pregabalin cheap Mauritius… Ohh.. the Island Life! ? Palm trees, sea view and beach vibes, a perfect tropical gateway ?

We reach the Tamarin public beach at around 7 am. The seascape with the slight breeze was mesmerizing. It ruffled the leaves of the Filao trees. 

Mauritius 7:30 am

We booked our Speedboat trip with an eco-tour agency – Best Adventures Mauritius. The team was friendly and very helpful right from the beginning.

Highly Recommended!

I really adore dolphins ?

They are always a pleasure to the eyes. It was a smooth ride until we got to the vicinity of the dolphins. We had the opportunity and chance to admire those beautiful creatures in their little world.

At one point, one of them were so close to me that I could almost touch it. 

It was heartbreaking to part ways with those amazing souls after some hours. I could admire them for the whole day!

We continued our exciting adventure towards l’île aux Benitiers. It was a serene boat trip under the cloudless sky. We stopped near the famous crystal rock to contemplate this natural beauty. Needless to say, fishes of all types were surrounding the boat. #DidYouKnow The Crystal Rock is a natural formation which rises above the ocean’s surface.

L’île aux Benitiers has a fabulous sandy beach. You will find various vendors selling souvenirs and locally produced goods across the seashore on the island.
# SupportThem!

The Best Adventures Team prepared a sumptuous lunch for us which included BBQ Chicken and grilled fish ending with ‘Bananes Flambées’. It was a real delice!

We headed back to Mauritius an hour before the usual time as the weather was getting windy.


Imagine being on a boat amidst the ocean and, there is nothing around – not even an island.
All you can hear are the birds chirping, the waves crashing violently and silence.
I even saw a bird going down the sea, and getting out with a fish in its mouth in less than a minute!
That was lit !


I am not afraid to say that I had fear and anxiety to get on a Speedboat. I am not a pro at swimming.
2019 is the year I am making bold moves and creating brave memories.
You can too!

Share your best adventures till now for 2019 in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Mauritius ~ Dolphin Watching and L’île Aux Benitiers”

  1. What an amazing trip! The ocean appears serene and the blue is calming – I could almost smell the ocean air!

    I’m not sure how I’d be on a speedboat. I am not a strong swimmer and the idea of the ocean being such a massively deep expanse is terrifying. But you’ve got to try everything at least once, right?! Kudos to you for fighting the anxiety and getting out there to explore!

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