What is having a solo time?

buy dapoxetine in canada Solo Time ~ How do you define it? For everyone, it is a different definition; a different story.

best place to buy priligy online For me, it may be categorized as a solo trip in nature, a long drive with my car or like right now – having a simple coffee with my book at Cafe Lux.

Most people have never had a solo time in their life. They have never experienced it; because of fear, or simply because it’s still uncommon and considered as weird in our society.

Once you discover how peaceful it is to be alone, your happiness will never depend on anyone again.

I do take my me time every now and then to rejuvenate my energy and treat myself the best.

It takes a long of courage to come to a coffee shop and enjoy your own company without letting curious eyes disturbing your inner peace.

Whenever I’m at a coffee shop alone with my book, I love to observe people who are observing me. I try to depict what are they saying to their friends/families about this girl who is alone amidst the crowd.

It’s a fun game! 😉

You do feel curious eyes on you at one point.

I know.. Some people do want to get out there and do the things that they love alone. But, there’s the fear.

Just. Take. The. Leap.

Even if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy at some point, you can still walk away. Solo times help to understand yourself better. If you felt uncomfortable, just ask yourself why?

Is it because you think you’re not good enough? Do what other people are saying bother you?

It will help to dig deeper into your soul and take the necessary actions to induce more self-love into yourself ?

It’s okay to be weird in this normal world.

Weird is that makes us unique. Maybe your friends or family won’t understand why you feel joy having a solo trip. It doesn’t matter.

No one has to understand.

This is your thing. What connects you more with your soul and the universe. It’s yours and no one can take it away from you…

Start making that jump. To the things that bring you joy.

We need more People like you.

4 thoughts on “Why Solo Time is essential?”

    1. I can understand as a parent, it’s difficult to take some time off for yourself. I have the right tips for you which I will publish in my next article. I hope this will help 🙂

  1. Me time is so important and I find that without it I can get so irritated. I just need time to recharge by myself sometimes.

    – Nyxie


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