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erectly Once in a while, we run into someone who tips our world upside down. They can make us question everything we thought we knew, and anything suddenly seems possible (or impossible). Personally, I like to think that everyone comes into our lives when they do for a reason. They are exactly what we need at that point in our lives, and they leave us with life lessons we wouldn’t have learned, had we not met them.

Here are the five people who make you, you.

The Mentor

This person is probably one of the most important people of our formative years. Whether they’re family, a teacher or a friend, they played a huge part in helping us establish our core values that guide our decisions later in life. They push us just enough to help us discover what we’re truly capable of, but never enough to break us.

The Mentor is someone we trust with almost anything, and most likely someone who knows us better than anyone else.

The Dalliance

Fueled by hormones, we often find ourselves entangled with the Dalliance in one way or another. All concept of rational thought seems to go straight out the window, no matter how self-righteous we are when it comes to our dating lives. Most of us look back on the dalliance(s) as mistakes, but they are far from something to regret.

An encounter with the dalliance shows us what we really value in relationships, and the qualities we value most about ourselves.

The Antagonist

Perhaps for the first time in our lives, someone comes along and actively opposes everything we have to offer. It seems that no matter where we turn, one person seems to be putting obstacles in our path, perhaps even trampling all over us for their own gain. In short, our feathers are more than a little bit ruffled. Remember that thing people say about the downs in life making the ups better?

Running into the Antagonist tends to kickstart a phase of growth that is crucial to our development as a human being.

We almost always emerge on the other side a different person, and with more time, we might even be capable of feeling grateful to the Antagonist for those life lessons.

The Dependent

Life is all about give and take, and it certainly becomes much more about give when we have someone who relies on us for everything – day in, day out. This may come in the form of a child or a family member with whom we find ourselves having to play the caretaker. If we’re used to doing all the receiving up until this point, having a dependent can come as a shock to the system.

Like all life events that require a period of readjustment, being the caretaker brings out the best in us and shows us the kind of person we are at our core. We learn empathy, patience and most importantly – perspective.

The Companion

We usually meet the Companion when we’re in a good place with our lives. We tend to attract what we project, and we know pretty early on whether we’ve met the Companion or not. They share our core beliefs, morals, and life goals. They make everything better and all of a sudden, previous disappointments seem trivial in comparison.

They encourage us to be our best selves, instead of making us feel like we need to play down our dreams and achievements to keep them happy.

They are our biggest fan through thick and thin, our partner in crime and ultimately – our best friend.

flaccidly Janelle’s Bio

Janelle is a Pharmacy student, violin teacher, and blogger based in London, England. She blogs over at about beauty, life’s odd moments and her experiences as a music teacher. She also spends far too much time watching cute animal videos and drinks far too much tea – usually at the same time.


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