I have scars. I am perfectly flawed. I am who I am.

Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with chicken pox. You all probably know this – getting chicken pox as an adult is so much worse than experiencing it during childhood. The scratching, fever, bad throat and not forgetting the fact that you cannot sleep at all… ughh!

The blisters were everywhere; all around my body and on my face. I won’t lie – I got scared for a moment staring at my body and my face. It was not something I was used to. I take great care and attention of my skin with natural products and this change was unreal for me.

After 10 days, I started getting better. The fever was gone and the propagation stopped increasing.

order dapoxetine online But, you know what stayed? The Scars.

As I stared in the mirror, it got me thinking that this is me now, even if it’s temporary. But, this is ME now.
Either I accept and love myself for who I am or I spend my energy in stressing and finding countless ways to get back to who I was.

Of course, I chose to love myself. I mean, who has time to waste unnecessary energy?

But, as usual my thoughts did not coincide with the society. My relatives, people in my neighborhood – they all had something to say 🙂

“OMG – your face! Go buy this cream, it’s expensive but you have to get rid of those scars!”

Damn! Someone even told me to not go to the beach..for a while..

It was pity. Sympathy. And, an added joy for some – which got me thinking.

Do people, who have permanent scars hear those toxic words everywhere they go? Where people do not just accept them for who they are but, instead find ways to make them feel worse?

Our society has always portrayed one facet of beauty: the physical one. Movies, Billboards, Adverts, Models ~ they are all perfect. With not a single flaw. But, is this what we really want? Is this what our new generation needs?
I have encountered so many people who wear masks just to be accepted by the ‘group’; be it in high school or at work or even in their personal life. I’ve seen people falling into depression because society does not allow them to be order disulfiram online canada who they really want to be.

I remember when I was in high school, I used to keep a diary (well, we all did). Not to write about which guy I had a crush on! I used to pen down my thoughts and about things I found weird around me. One of my neighbors got her hands on this diary and, the first thing that she said in front of everyone was:-
“Ecrivain pénan l’avenir. Arrête perdi to letemps et al apran to bane sujects dans l’école.”
“Writers do not have a future. Stop wasting your time. Go and study your subjects from school.”

And, that did hit me hard. I even stopped writing for a while. Because society just did not allow me to be who I really wanted to be.

Back to the “importance” of physical beauty..

You do not have to change yourself to be accepted. The right people will love you for who you really are. Your scars won’t matter to them nor will your flaws. They will just love and accept you. And, this is a real thing, talking from personal experiences.
Life is short – why would you want to live with the wrong peeps? The joy that you get from genuine people is bliss.

You have scars and you are perfectly flawed.

I did go to the beach, wearing my bikini. I flaunted those scars proudly. They are who I am. And, I’m not hiding them from the world. You shouldn’t either.

Scars and Perfectly Flawed

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