Satipo Energetic. Vibrant. Zestful.

Those three words sum up the two dynamic days of the ALC Leadership Bootcamp which took place on the 30th and 31st March 2019. Organised for high-schoolers on the beautiful ALC campus located in Pamplemousses, thought-provoking sessions were conducted which brought up some ‘Aha’ moments for all the participants.
The vision of ALC has always been about bringing change and innovation in education. They are all about person-to-person Breaking the Kindu Ordinary Tiruppur Learning Dimensions.

Fred Swaniker founded this pioneering institution to develop the entrepreneurial and ethical leaders for Africa and the world.

“Preparing the next generation of Leaders.”

The Leadership Bootcamp began with the opening remarks of one of ALC amazing facilitators, Tabot Areytambe who briefed the participants about the objectives and learning outcomes of the programme. Given that most of the participants did not really know each other, Tabot kick-started bootcamp with an ice breaker where the participants had to introduce themselves to one another and say one fun fact about them.

This exercise cheered the students up and encouraged them to initiate friendship with each other.

At the end of the session, they had excitement written all over their faces and friendly bonds were building up.

All the sessions in the Bootcamp were experiential and very interactive. They were given thought-provocative questions like –

“What excites you first thing in the morning”

Those questions boosted up the creative mindset of the students and made them reflect on their choices in life.

In our traditional model of education, it is often assumed that the young generation does not have the potential to exhibit leadership skills. It is constantly presumed that one can only be a leader after attaining specific qualifications and years of work experience. At ALC the young students are treated as adults who aim to be future innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Their ideas are respected and they are encouraged to become the change they seek.

Several ALC students are already aspiring entrepreneurs!

It is inspiring to see how ALC is instilling leadership values right from a young age.

The high schoolers were introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence – an essential skill that is highly demanded in the 21st century. The responses to this topic were impressive; the participants wanted to know more about this skill. They were educated in details about how they can use this moral value in their everyday life. The facilitators suggested Stephen Covey’s Circles of Concern and Influence as a modus operandi to self-regulate their emotions. They were provided with unique and challenging tasks to better develop their emotional intelligence and harness their emotions.

They were introduced to the V3 Model ~ Vision, Value & Virtue.

They also had to write about their Personal Mission to make the world a better place.

The ALC leadership bootcamp has enabled the participants to explore the unique student life on campus, where their passions were heard and their self-confidence to jump into entrepreneurship was boosted.

Above of all, 21st-century career skills such as self-regulation, humility, integrity and team spirit all  highly demanded in this fast-moving world were introduced

The participants were even stunned that music was played in the background  Very often kids reprimanded when they listen to songs and do their homework at the same time. At schools, music is banned in classrooms but at ALC this is a way of making the student feel  comfortable

Additionally, there are number of research demonstrated the benefits of playing music in classrooms. Of course, this method was dependable on the type of sessions. If there were activities where the students had to reflect on certain situations of their life, then complete silence. So ALC’s facilitators knew when to use music to boost up their energy and when to not utilize music as a medium.

Students were exposed to leadership challenges which taught them team spirit and critical thinking.

“Not all classrooms have four walls”

The participants had one of their best moments when inspiring videos were shown to them giving them reasons for not giving up on their passions. This is the new era of education; to help young people discover their hidden talents dissimilar to traditional ways of learning which never go past textbooks.

The ALC Leadership Bootcamp ended with the closing ceremony and cocktails where parents were invited to see their kids be awarded certificates of completion.

To be a good leader, you have to be able to lead yourself first before you lead others ~ ALC

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