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African Leadership College is partnering with CIM Finance to provide two full-tuition scholarships to Mauritian students.

Weymouth Why should you submit your application for the CIM Finance Scholarship?

Let me tell the story about my younger brother who is one of the students who got the scholarship last year.

We have always wanted to follow the path of entrepreneurs from a very young age. Consequently, we soon realised that our traditional education was no longer teaching us the right skills which we needed to make a dent in the universe.

So, in 2018, when looking at all the universities in Mauritius, we came across the CIM Finance scholarship at African Leadership College.

We did not have much knowledge about ALC at that time and we did hesitate before submitting the application for my brother – just the way you might approach any unknown opportunity.

However, let me tell you one thing: getting out of his comfort zone and applying for that scholarship was one of the best things that my brother did in his life.

“It turned out to be a beautiful risky decision”

Through ALC’s website and social media platforms, we learned how ALC focuses on leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. They deliver a unique learning model which includes interactive sessions and innovative approaches so as to move along with the fast-changing world.

It has almost been 7 months since my brother received the CIM Finance scholarship and has been living on this beautiful campus of ALC in Pamplemousses.

Yes! The scholarship covers everything – from food to housing expenses. And, it goes without saying that he is going through an enriching experience at ALC.

Moreover, in our Mauritian culture, we do not really become independent until we start earning on our own. Living on campus away from home contributes to your personal growth. For instance, you have to do things on your own and “trace ou la vie” – as we say in our creole language.

There are 35+ different nationalities on the ALC campus with students coming from countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, The Netherlands, Japan and Morocco. You are going to learn about different cultures and amazing stories from classmates from all over the world.

Imagine having cool friends from all around the world!

At ALC, young leaders learn how to collaborate and drive change in the world with people with diverse backgrounds – a critical experience that all leaders need to have in order to make a change in the world.

ALC is perfect for young people who want to be future leaders with a broader vision and mission for their lives. It is for those people who aspire to build creative things on their own and bring change and innovation.

Leadership skills are the main focus of this innovative institution, starting in the first year. And, within his first 7-months, my brother has been part of various ground-breaking bootcamps and events, such as the B.O.L.D (Breaking Ordinary Learning Dimensions) Summit. He has had the golden chance to meet various innovators, technologists and experts from  Google X, CIM Finance, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, UNDP, among others. This has enabled him to build his network and relationships with amazing global leaders.

As a CIM Finance scholar, you will have the opportunity to intern at CIM Finance till the end of your studies. The internships last for four months every year.

As a result, when you will graduate from ALC, you already have 12 months of working experience. This most certainly provides you with a huge advantage over other graduates.

Let’s hear about the trailblazing journey at ALC straight from the horse’s mouth!

Saahil Gunnoo
CIM Finance Bursary – 2018

“The Leadership Core curriculum at ALC has helped me develop a better entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. In just 7 months, I have met incredible leaders and innovators and learned about their entrepreneurial experiences. ALC is a dream come true! “

Madani Ebrahim Napaul
CIM Finance Bursary – 2017

Member of the winning team in the HSBC-ESU Mauritius Business Case National Competition. He will be representing ALC and Mauritius at HSBC in Hong Kong for the week-long global competition.

“ALC has a collaborative environment that kicks me out of my comfort zone. I get to connect with other students from different backgrounds and cultures. ALC is all about transformative learning experiences, robust environment & unforgettable moments every day.”

If you are ready to lead and learn with other future leaders, don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by!
Head to the ALC website and submit your application today. Leaders don’t lead by watching – they lead by doing. Apply to one of the most innovative universities in the world to prepare yourself for success in the 21st century.

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