ALU is BOLD ~ Breaking Ordinary Learning Dimensions

Are you hungry for passion? Do you never get tired to hustle for your goals? Do you have this never-ending motivation?
Then, you are at the right place.

Imagine various entrepreneurs, educators, innovators and technologists, all in the same place. Imagine you are in the same room as those people who have choose to live differently; the kind of people who made it happen. Just the thought of this does give goosebumps, doesn’t it?

The African Leadership University hosted the biggest BOLD Summit 2019 in Mauritius with innovators all around the world to share their thoughts, advices, ideas for a Edinburg different but better education.

Welcome to The BOLD Summit 2019!

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ALU did not leave any stone unturned to organize this amazing event using innovative approaches – I liked the fact that they used the Swoogo Attendee Mobile App so that we could all be constantly notified of all the timings of the sessions happening during those two-days.

The moment we stepped on the campus, I was buzzing with excitement. We were welcomed warmly by the educators and the students. I could feel that the ALU atmosphere itself was different – even the students and volunteers had eagerness written all over their faces.
We took our badges at the registration desk and made our way to the marquee where the Bold Summit would be held. My eyes were all over the place, scrutinizing the stumptuous tent as more people got settled in and I recognised some famous faces : people who inspire : Pekka Peura – CEO at Dragonbox in Finland and Saul Singer – co-author of the book Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle and among other entrepreneurs and pioneers.
Interactive discussions immediately started between me, parents and other entrepreneurs; it was fascinating to learn about new cultures in different countries such as the UK, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Australia.

We had a very interesting talk with Zane Dickey, a college counselor in Madagascar about including sessions of mindfulness, meditations and Yoga in schools to help students have clearer thoughts about who they want to become and diminishing the pressure on them.

The launch of this event began with the Founder of ALU, Fred Swaniker who welcomed us on this 2-days of enriching connections and motivating talks.

Saul Singer was the first Keynote speaker. He emphasized on the great mismatch – School is structured, static and spoon feeding ; Life is unpredictable and accelerating ; thus, we need to be adaptable, fast learning and entrepreneurial.

I really applauded when he mentioned that we need to figure out those three-vital things:
1) Who you are
2) What you love
3) What you are good at

We were blessed by a series of Ted-Style Talks by leaders and innovators. The session which I could relate more was the electrifying speech of Edward Nevraumont : co-author of the Ultimate Improv Book. It’s all about Skill-Stacking!
You don’t have to be famous to be successful!

During those two days of the BOLD Summit, we’ve had the chance to participate in Experiential breakthrough sessions ; to mingle with people who think differently ; learn from them ; share our ideas on how we can design a better future for education and how we can bring innovation in our lives. Through those sessions, I could connect with people who think alike and develop relationships – some even marked a beginning of a new friendships.

The tea breaks and lunch were another fascinating way to connect with others and build relationships. It opened doors to collaborations and opportunities. I was amazed by how ALU made this event interactive – it was not just sitting there and listening to the speakers.

It was much more than that.

It was a privilege to be part of a community whose mission and vision were aligned to bring improvements in education and growth.

The energy at the BOLD Summit for those 2 days was vigorous with high-spirit people!

The last zealous keynote talk of Pekka Peura enlightened us about the key drivers of learning : Motivation, Feedback & Proximal Development.

The kind of social interactions that we received at the BOLD Summit was life-changing. It made us dig deeper into our thoughts and everyday actions. Listening to those uplifting Ted-style talks just reinforce beliefs that we are under no obligations to follow the traditional and structured ways of schooling.

Those methods and way of life were helpful at some point.
But, as the world is changing at a fast rate and technology and innovations are becoming an important part of our lives; it is imperative to be flexible and open to new ways of living.
We do not have to adhere to only one talent. One skill.
We can be multi talented. We can be skilled in many aspects.

And, you don’t have to be a “special” kind of human to be Mark Zuckerberg. We all have that “thing” to be successful.

I have two-words for this event.

Inspiring and Breathtaking

The BOLD Summit has kept us hungry for more till Part II.
Until then, let’s start Breaking the Ordinary Learning Dimensions.

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