Chamarel Trip – Island Life – Part 1

And, into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul…

We reached Chamarel early morning and were mesmerized to the spectacular waterfall in front of us.

A splash of wonder

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Numerous birds chirping and flying around the sparkling water which was running straight into the river at high speed. It was a pleasure to my eyes to just stand there for minutes and admire this mesmerizing scenery.

We continued our path to the coffee shop while gazing at the Seven coloured earths in front of us.

It was so peaceful just by sitting in the Coffee shop and drink fresh juice. I could live there forever! I bought myself a souvenir before we continued our route towards Ebony Forest!

We walked for about 7 minutes to get to Chamarel Ebony Forest – a protection area for Mauritius endemic plants and species. We were welcomed very warmly by the staffs at the Boutique where most products are made by local artisans – they are just wow!

Go Local ! 

We started the journey through the Ebony Museum first where we learned about the rare plants and animals that once lived in our country. The museum experience was so creatively done which ended in a documentary about the birth of Mauritius.

After an enriching history at the Museum, it was time to head deep into the forest – with native trees, flowers, medicinal plants, rare birds, all kind of insects, muddy roads and mosquitos looking for opportunities to bite!

Nature - just the way I love my forest trips! 

It was soothing and calm to stroll on the Flycatcher Raised Walkway – we were lucky enough to catch many glimpses of the Mauritius Bulbul and Geckos in their natural habitat. The native trees were not invisible either.

Nature – The perfect place to disconnect with your Mind and connect with your Soul.

Our last stop in the Forest was to get to the Sublime Point; which I would say made my day! I was speechless to see a splendid bird’s eye-view from the Sublime Point.
And, just like that all the fatigue from walking in the scorching sun disappeared as I savoured this paradisal view in front of me.

It was the kind of scenery that you see only in movies.

It was difficult to leave this blissful view, but we had to – a rumble of thunder was just heard…
It was time to leave nature and get back to safety – our Safari Jeep was waiting for us.

Le Takamaka Restaurant

I didn’t realize that I was hungry until we got to the Restaurant.

Homemade pizza cooked using non-native wood – succulent!
The waiters were friendly with their impeccable service.
They were attentive to our needs. One waiter even moved our table to another spot on my request so that I could get a splendid landscape view while having my lunch.

Thunder & Lightning, Heavy Rainfall, Nature and Hot Camomile Tea (the waiter went into the forest and cut down a fresh camomile stick to brew my tea)…
What more could I have asked to end my Sunday? #blessed

I would like to express my thanks and extreme gratitude to the Ebony Forest for doing everything in their power to preserve, restore and conserve the unique Fauna of Mauritius.

Help Nature. Go Native.

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