William AE Ford

It’s been so long since we had a talented author for an interview.
So, here I am interviewing William AE Ford for his first published work for a children’s book.

And, yes! I loved the book – it is hilarious! 🙂

buy modafinil generic Who is William AE Ford?

William AE Ford has always had a passion for books, writing and storytelling. William’s favourite way to end a cosy evening is to spend time dreaming up and reading bedtime stories to his five wonderful children.

william AE Ford

Born in England, William currently lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife Silje and five children.

‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ is William’s first published work and he plans to publish more books shortly.

http://ubiquis.co.uk/uncategorized/ctools-table-component-tweaks/ Timothy Mean and the Time Machine â€“ Children’s book. 

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine – Children’s book.

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine â€“ Children’s book. 

Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a T-Rex!

“It’s Monday. Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?

With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

Let’s dive into Will’s mind

  • What inspired you to write a Children’s book?

I was inspired by my children and their colourful imaginations and how they create, laughter filled fun from mundane, everyday objects and situations.

  • How long did it take to write Timothy Mean and the Time Machine?

It took approximately a year to write Timothy Mean. I have a full time job and children so I tend to write late in the evenings. The amazing illustrations by Marcelo Simonetti which bring the story to life took 3 months to be finished.

  • How is the journey as a writer?

I have loved every minute of writing this book. It is a fantastic feeling to see children laughing while reading ‘Timothy Mean’ and inspiring them to use their imagination.

  • What’s your favorite book (or books)?

I have read a lot of children’s books over the past 15 years so I would have to say ‘Stick Man’ or ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.

  • Who is your idol?

I would have to say my wife for putting up with me.

  • What is your favorite motivational phrase?

Time goes so fast so enjoy the moment.

  • Something that you love other than writing?

I love seeing my kids happy in what they like doing. I enjoy playing football and skiing.

  • Something you would say to aspiring writers who are just at the beginning?

Don’t give up. Keep on writing and revising until you are satisfied with your work.

Book Review

FIVE Stars!!! *****

It was amazing. Highly recommend – the book was hilarious! I really loved the rhymes and the illustrations were creatively done. The dinosaur part was my favorite! I cannot wait to share this fun story with my two little nephews.

Where can we buy the book?

Where can we keep in touch with William?

Website: https://www.williamaeford.com

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