Trekking in Nature



Trekking in Mauritius is breathtaking!

So, we booked a package with Le Domaine de L’arbre du Voyageur for trekking and lunch last Wednesday.

Le Domaine is found just after Sophie Nature Walk and you really need a car to get there. The road is really rough and muddy. We arrived there at around 9am and were welcomed with cocktails. The location is surrounded by the forest and plantations. You can see the farmers around 😉
The staffs were very friendly and while waiting for the guide, we fed the ducks near the river.



We left the Domaine with the guide at around 9.30 am and thus, the adventure begins! Since there was heavy rainfall the night before, the road was muddy. I loved it! We had to cross 3 rivers before getting to Pétrin; inside the forest. On the way, you can even pick “goyaves des chines” and eat along the way *_*
They were juicy and I was starting to get this #forest vibes!

muddy road


After an hour of walk, we eventually came to a spectacular view:

The sun was blazing when we continued! Light clothes and a cap is definitely recommended.


It was at this moment that I realised that there is nothing more beautiful than the true life that we should be experiencing every single moment… Fresh air.. birds.. trees.. butterflies.. Nature..


We continued our trekking to the Maccabé Forest and ended it till Mare Longue Reservoir.

Nature vibes are everything! Good energy around us, what else could we ask for?

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