Solo Time or Me Time, if you prefer…

Solo Time has been around us for quite a long time but what is it?

I remember the first time I had my solo time at a coffee shop. Our society has constructed the lives of people in a specific way that, if someone goes out of this certain “societal rules”, he or she is considered as weird.

I was at this coffee shop, where each table was accompanied by couples or group of friends or family. Either way, no one was ‘alone’, except me 🙂


I was there with my book and I wanted to observe the reactions of people, seeing a woman alone in a coffee shop.
I could feel some eyes on me; what were they thinking? Maybe she’s waiting for someone, the reason why she is alone right now..
Then, my cappuccino came with my cupcake and the reactions shifted to:
“Oh, she is really alone. Maybe she has no friends or she is just weird.”


When we google the word “alone”, we often see that it is associated to introverts, depression, no friends; basically everything negative about it. But, no one never talks about how powerful it is for someone to go on a trip all by herself because it is only by having “me time” that you are going to discover yourself more.

generic Aurogra without a precsriptions I LOVE my solo time.

There is something so strong to actually enjoy your own company. It increases the love for yourself and your self-esteem. It makes your happiness become dependent on you only.

And, I know there are many people out there who wants to just go somewhere all by themselves, but are scared of what their friends might say or how the society is going to view them. As a complete weirdo? Like, someone with looking at his smartphone all the fucking time is considered as ‘normal’ but, someone with a book in a coffee shop is intriguing.

Go out there!
Have your “me time” wherever you want 🙂
It helps to feel more connected to your soul and increases your creativity in every possible way!

buy Gabapentin 100mg for dogs Cheers to Solo Time!

2 thoughts on “Solo Time”

  1. I think it’s crazy that in today’s society, going to public places alone has a stigma around it. I find the best times to discover yourself and sit with that feeling is when you’re alone/ you find out a lot of yourself.

    I say we should all spend more time alone ??

  2. I so agree with this! I’ve had my fair share of solo coffee excursions, and I love it, there’s something nice about being out of the house, doing something relaxing. Sometimes people are just not around to join, doesn’t mean you can’t do things!

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