Mauritius, they say it’s paradise on earth!

With sandy beaches, magnificent sea views and tropical life, Mauritius is all the kind of retreat island where everyone wants to go at least once.

I love being in nature and away from the crowd. Nature just helps me to connect more with myself and the universe. And, I wanted to share one of the places that I really love going every once in a while.

Le Bois Cheri Restaurant


I took that picture when I went to Bois Cheri the second time with my family. The first time I discovered this place was with my best friend and we had an amazing time there by just admiring this natural beauty.

Bois Cheri is found in complete nature and is the oldest tea plantation and as you drive by the woods, you can see the deers running and eating by the sideways.


When we reached there, we first headed to the restaurant and the waiters welcomed us warmly. The food are affordable and mouth-watering 🤤😋


After a wonderful lunch, we headed to the lake to try out some activities! The activities are free if you have lunch at the restaurant.

Lost in Nature

We headed to the Chalet for tea-tasting before leaving. You can taste as much tea as you want; which was like heaven for me since I love tea! ☕️



I would definitely recommend this place for all those who love tea & nature 🍀

It’s the perfect combination 😍

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