Thinking of building up an online presence sounds appealing and good, but it is not easy and incurs a good amount of cost. Website designers in the phase of designing a website typically focus on programming and design while there are additional costs that occur which needs to be considered as they are supportive costs that develops your website.

When developing a professional website design, there are certain main cost centres to the development process. Each cost centre has a variety of option and budgets so do your research before starting your own site. Let us have a look at the most common options.

  • Domain Name Registration


Along with programming and design, register your domain name from a known domain registrar. Certified domain registrars like, or sell domain names so get one before you start developing your website. Purchasing domain name is done on an annual basis which might let you pay a hefty cost at once but will save your website in the long run. In case, if you do not find your desired domain or find out that it may have been purchased by another business, then you may look from other domain registrars or contact that particular individual or business owner.

Things to keep in mind while buying a domain name,

  • Get it on your business name.
  • Buy it lump sum for years and or you can also get auto renew features.
  • Keep your credentials safe.


  • Website Hosting

web hosting

As discussed earlier, a website is not just about design; you need to keep it safe in the right environment and on the right server. Just how you chose a home for yourself while considering all the facilities same is the case when you get a web hosting for your website. Hosting your website in the right environment will boost up your website’s efficiency, produce faster page load speeds, improves the search engine performance and maintains your website functionalities.

Costs that you may have to pay here is of getting SSL which is Secure Sockets Layer that creates an encrypted connection with the web servers and the visitors and saves the website from issues like eavesdropping, data tempering or message forgery.

  1. Developing a website:

When you are in a phase of developing a website, you need to think of a brand name, prepare web content and put on relevant images. Web content itself is a separate task and you have to pay a good amount on it while also getting paid photographs.  Even after developing a website, you have to keep on checking with the ongoing maintenance that includes plugins, content and software updates.

  1. Cost of Hiring a Website Designer:

The next level up is hiring a freelance designer to do your website. When working with a freelancer, you can expect a design that looks amazing and functions well without any evident flaws. They are likely going to consider your ideas and provide you with a few mockups for you before designing the final web design.

The primary focused is on delivering the aesthetic appeal you describe to them while suggesting certain features to improve user-experiences  but to let everything go smoothly for final aesthetic web design project; you need to pay a good amount of money to the designer.

Wrapping up,

The rates of every web design company are different, and it entirely depends upon your web design project. There is no such rule that higher price means a good website and a low price mean a poorly designed website. Set your budget first and your project and look for the best web design company that comes in your price range and make the right decision for your business.

Loius Martin is a Digital Marketing Manager at a professional logo design company. With expertise in digital marketing and design, he has covered major topics in the industry.

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