Bad weather? We do not love it!
But, we can take the positive out of it 🙂

Last week, Mauritius was under a cyclonic weather for four days. They named the cyclone “Berguitta” and the island was under a cyclone warning Class 3. And, after “Berguitta” faded away, some days after we had an lightning storm over the island; thunderstorms, lightning and torrential rain at the same time for a whole night. It was amazingly scary and we woke up to a super Orange-Yellow sky the following morning.

orange sky after thunderstorm
Orange Sky

Several regions of the island were without electricity in their homes and it got me thinking..
Technology has become an integrated part of our life that it becomes almost impossible to live whenever we have a power cut at home.

“Oh, what will I do? My life will be so boring!” 
“Ayo, pas pu ena role sa!” 

I fucking love when the power is cut! You get to be disconnected from the whole world for a while 🙂

Here are the things that you can do whenever there is a power outage:

  • Live the traditional way during a bad weather

When was the last time you sat down for dinner at HOME? and, actually talked with the members of your family or just listen?
Yes, technology has indeed created a distance between our loved ones.
But, those are the times which you can take advantage and re-connect 🙂

Fire gato piment, baja et gato banane et laisse papa raconte so bne ptits zistoires!
Prepare some good food and let’s listen to the ancient stories of our grandparents! 

  • Books.. Books.. and Many Books!

Reading during bad weather

I am an avid reader and books are part of my everyday life!
But, for people who want to read but do not have the time to do so – Now is your time!

If you have kids who are bored as they cannot be on their laptops; invite them in the reading world or magazines which will enrich their knowledge.

  • Fall in love with your pets again!

loving your pets

We spend limited hours with our pets during weekdays. So, this period is a great time to have quality time with your doggies, cats, guinea pigs!

  • Have a Spa Day!

spa day

Have a spa day!
Treat yourself 🙂
Disconnect with the usual daily routines to connect with yourself.
And, spa days at home are not only for women!


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