The Lucid Dreaming Experience

About a month ago, I experienced Lucid Dreaming… it was a bad one but, still amazing new experience!

What is Lucid Dreaming?

The word “Lucidity” comes from mental clarity.

In simple words, lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming & can experience a certain control on the dream.

My first lucid dreaming was a nightmare.

I was having trouble sleeping that night, each time I was closing my eyes, I was waking up in fear and shocked. Because, I was having nightmares. Terrible ones.
The night was becoming tiring. Long. And, sad.

It was around 2pm.. I thought to myself, if I fall asleep again, I will again have a nightmare and i was just tired of it. So, let me not sleep.

I tried to kept my exhausting eyes opened.. and then, I felt someone trying to push me back fiercely.. he was stronger than me and I was weak.

And, my first instinct was.. I am in a dream and this isn’t real. I was talking to myself in my head and I actually realized that I am in a dream.
And, I was telling myself that I need to fucking wake up and this is a nightmare. I experienced my nightmare.. and in the bad dream, that someone was trying to kill me.

And, the only way to save myself was to wake up – the childish method!

You cannot always control your lucid nightmares..

Anyway, it was a nice experience which stayed.. It was real, living in a movie..

What are your lucid dreaming experiences?

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  1. This has happened to me before, but not in several years. Usually the dream involves me being paralyzed in some way, like strapped down by doctors or pinned by a bear. My mind is wide awake, but my body won’t respond.

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