Hello, I’m Anna Nuttall. A blogger based in London UK. I usually write about fashion and lifestyle. I’m never too far away from fashion! I’m always wandering in and out of fashion shops, I spend most of my evenings surfing all the designer’s fashion websites. I enjoy wandering around London and finding new boutique and curling up in a coffee house reading the latest vogue, I love trying out new makeup and
cosmetic and I’m a huge Lush user! My favourite designers are Anna Sui, Laura Lees and Betsy Johnson. Their styles really inspire me as they use bold bright colours blended together to create really beautiful clothes.

Though today I’m not talking about bold bright fashion, but rather the pastel shade of winter fashion. Some might argue that pastel colours in winter clothes look rather dull, my answer to that is; it’s better than all grey, black colours you see. You see, I have this style system (if you want to call it that)
that the duller the weather; the brighter and happier my clothes are. If you know me, I’m the kind of girl who does colours all year round and also likes to be seen in a crowd.

Whenever I’m choosing my winter fashion I’m more focus on whether it will keep me warm, rather on its colour. The problem is, throughout winter I’m always cold. I just can’t seem to warm up, no matter how hard I try. My winter staple is plenty of thick jumpers, hat, gloves and scarf. I’ll be needing more of these staples this winter as I will be going somewhere very cold.

Early next year, I’m going to travel and the places I’m going are in winter and roughly minus 20 degrees.
Ouch. I’ll be travelling throughout the very north of Europe. Am I mad? Possible but at least I would see plenty of snow and possibly Santa before he retires for the year.
To prepare myself, I’m stocking up woolly jumpers, thick socks and also thermal tops. I’m also looking into getting heated gloves and inside fur sole for my boots.

That  was my thoughts process behind this winter fashion inspiration. Everything you will need –and want to wear throughout winter. I believe you can still be colourful and stylish through winter.
While you might not be as crazy as I am and visiting Jack Frost terority. Winter, where you are, can still be pretty biting. With that said, I like to think my winter fashion inspiration has a little something for everyone, whatever the temperature. Will you be picking up any of winter fashion inspiration? And if so, do let me know which one you like the most.

Dorothy Perkins pink jumper
£38 – dorothyperkins.com

Miss Selfridge cream shirt
£37 – missselfridge.com

Collar coat
£17 – gamiss.com

Floral print skirt
£20 – amazon.com

Express marled socks
£8.26 – express.com

Lace boots
£32 – gamiss.com

Fake fur shawl
£21 – amazon.com

Woolen shawl

DUBARRY fleece lined glove
£29 – outdoorandcountry.co.uk

Knit beanie hat
£14 – luxurydivas.com

Slouch beanie hat
£13 – luxurydivas.com

You can find Anna at www.annanuttall.com!