The Society & Us

I have a super big problem with our society. I’m gonna say it loud. I have a fucking problem with the way our society operates. So much of stupidity. So much of bullshit. So much of “so-called” rules.

Dear Society,

Let us live. Let us love freely.
It’s our life. Our only life. And, our life aren’t defined by your rules. Your rules no longer make sense now.
People are miserable because of your stupid way of thinking.

Creativity is a real thing. Writers, artists, singers are equally awesome as bankers, doctors and lawyers.

Stop holding academic grades over those kid’s heads. Who cares if they failed Maths? They are talented in writing. Then, let them write.
Stop trying to crush people’s passions and dreams. Let everyone follow their dreams.

Divorced people have the right to love & be happy again. They tried marriage and, it didn’t work. So what? They just were not with the right persons. They have the right to try again till they meet the right one.

And, yeah. Your most cruel rule: “Love should only be between a man and a woman.”
Get over it. Love is Love. Anyone can love anyone he/she wants.
Stop making lovers feel guilty and miserable for who they really are.

Some people have to wear masks everyday because the society cannot accept them for who they are.
For Fuck Sake, let people be who they want to be.
Let them do what they love.

Dear Society,
If people cannot live freely & be who they really are inside and outside, then you suck big time 🙂

Dear People reading this,
For Fuck Sake, stop giving a shit about the society. Go after your dreams, your love, your adventures irrespective of what other people think and say. We all deserve an extraordinary life. Stop living the life that the society has designed for you. You are worth much more than that.

Dear Society, 
For Fuck Sake, 
Let the world live & love the way it wants… 

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