What is writer’s blocks ? 

I’m getting this very often now. I’m just writing & writing and boom! My mind goes blank and i can’t seem to think. It’s like no matter how much I force my brain to get me some ideas, it refuses to cooperate. 

The first time i got this blockage, i panicked. What was happening? I need to get this article done! This isn’t the right time to have a writer’s block.. 

Yeah.. it kinda sucks. But, it’s normal. 

I realized that it’s when I concentrate for very long time that I get this block in my mind. 

And, I figured out ways to get past this 🙂 

  • Don’t get frustrated 


Yeah, you’re bound to get frustrated inside knowing that you just cannot write. Where are all the ideas? The creativity? Why are not the words flowing?
But, seriously.. calm down since frustration isn’t gonna help here!

  • Get out from your screen


We spent most of our time in front of screens and this is so bad.. The moment you realise that your brain has stopped working, get out from the screen. Look somewhere else. Look outside. Just put your eyes away from your Mac!

  • Take a walk in nature 


When does your creativity flow more? Nature plays a big role in inspiring us, writers 🙂
The silence, calmness and stillness always help to clear out the mind and bring out new ideas.
So, go take

  • Write your ideas down 


You know words & creativity can hit us anytime; in the bus, at work, bathroom, on a freaking date! Writers can relate to that.
Jot down each time you get something in your head!
Journal! Write!
This will help with your writer’s blocks 😉

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