Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg

The other time, I came across a post on LinkedIn from someone who was criticizing Facebook in a very negative way. He ended his post with:

“Thank you for ruining our lives, Mark Zuckerberg.”

I was taken aback for a while & I thought how and why on earth, I connected with such an idiot!

Now, some of you are gonna tell me that Facebook has indeed changed lives and it’s a very bad thing. We hear many negative comments about Facebook; how people are now hooked up on this social media, how quality family time has decreased or the fact that our children are growing too fast because of this and the list just goes on and on..

I’m sorry, how is this Mark’s fault again? O.o

But then, we should lashed out on the Father of the Computer as well or the key inventors of the internet.
Because if the PC didn’t exist , the internet wouldn’t be here and hackers wouldn’t exist, and the word pornography would have been non-existent.

Mark had a vision, which he made come true. He is a successful entrepreneur and I believe that all the struggling entrepreneurs out there should look up to him. It is not easy to get a successful business going.

Facebook has never had a negative impact on me. And, I know people who aren’t at all affected by social media.

It’s all in people’s mentality. How you used something depends on you only. How people used Facebook depends on their mentality ONLY. It’s their sole choice to use the social media in that negative way.
If Facebook is having a negative impact on you, the person you should blame is YOU only. You can’t hold Mark Zuckerberg for your choices & your decisions.
How is this logical? Where is the fucking logic?

Let me share with you how Facebook has helped me:

1) I have a Facebook page for TEG which helps to connect to a large audience.

2) There are so many blogging groups on Facebook which gets me the feedback, help that I need for my business.

3)The Facebook Live is awesome!

4) If I need an information about a company’s services/products, I just msg them on their Facebook pages, it is so quick and helpful!

After Instagram & Pinterest, Facebook plays a massive role in marketing and communication with my audience. And, I’m sure that all entrepreneurs out there will agree with that!

It’s all about knowing how to use something effetively and wisely.

My mentors & coaches, people who inspire me , motivate me, I connect to them via Facebook video/ live.
They are all using this social media to get a message out and make a difference to the world.

If they can, so why can’t you?

I know, most people are going to disagree with this post.
But, social media can bring out many positive vibes.



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