Just A Story..

I never wanted what everybody had.. I always believe we all deserve extraordinary things in life.. Extraordinary Love.. Extraordinary Connection..

And, I did get one..

He came like a beautiful gust of wind.. you know the one that just touches your cheeks slightly, but you can feel it.. And, he disappeared like one too..

He was different. He didn’t fit in any of my criteria. He was someone I would never thought would appeared in my life. He was…just different.

He had a story; a background story. The truth of his life, the way he likes to call it. People asked me to think hundred times just because he had that story. But, I didn’t care. I never cared about anyone’s past. We all have one. We all have had experiences which made us grow.
So, why judge someone from his past? That fucking logic never made any sense to me.

I was intrigued by his personality. He was beautifully weird to me.
I never thought I could find someone who would love loneliness as much as I do.
But, here he is.. Uniquely bizarre.

Sometimes, people cross our paths to bring an added joy to our lives.
He was one of them. I liked his voice. He talked a lot.. And, I loved listening to him.
I wanted to know him more.
There was that strong vibe inside of me, wanting to know him more.

No, it wasn’t that usual attraction that you get. That usual fling. It wasn’t even Love.
It was something stronger than this. A Vibe. A Strong Vibe. A fierce connection.

I had 3-amazing weeks in my routine life. It was just wonderfully designed..
And, our last meeting was a bliss.. a painful bliss though.

Because, not all people who brings us happiness are supposed to stay in our lives.
Sometimes, they just bring us smiles & leave us with unforgettable memories. . .

I keep imagining what it would be like to dig deeper into him..to feel what he is feeling.. to experience his secretive side..

I just wished he could let me in.. I believe I could add happiness & positivity into his scars and fears..

But he is gone now..

Will I see him again? I have no idea. I ain’t the universe.

But, Dear Universe,
Keep him happy.

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